Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Twin Girls!!!

Kelly just announced it on Facebook so now I can post on my blog!  :)  They are having TWO girls!  YAY! (Not that I would have been any less excited for any other scenario - it's just exciting to know!)  We're all wondering now if they will have dark or light hair, brown or blue eyes, and most importantly, straight or curly hair.  Everyone is betting on curls since Kelly has curly hair and Jesse has some definite wave if he were to let it grow out.  Either way, we're going to love them to pieces.  I cannot wait to meet them but next up, I get to help plan the shower!  Here are photos from the gender reveal on Sunday:

Nana and Big Dad all ready to open their baby gender gifts:

The actual moment Sandy saw that Baby A was a girl, my flash didn't work so the picture didn't turn out well but here she is just after finding out:  (The look on her face was so genuinely happy though - I was so bummed it didn't turn out.)

And here's Big Dad with Baby B's ultrasound photo - I love the smile on his face:

The proud papa - he's already such a great dad to Lydia, these little girls are so lucky:

Nana and Big Dad showing off their youngest granddaughters:

Piper's reaction - I think this photo speaks for itself:

Caroline was just over the moon.  She cannot wait to get her hands on them!

The "goods":

So Bryce was a bit underwhelmed....but I think he'll enjoy continuing to be the lone grandson though.

Kelly, me and the GIRLS!  Yes, I wore pink that day because my guess was two girls from the start:

So Kelly is 20 weeks now which is more than halfway when you're having twins.  Here's hoping she'll have an uneventful second half of the pregnancy and the babies won't start threatening their impending arrival until Valentine's Day at the earliest.  They're keeping their name thoughts to themselves (don't blame them as we did the same) and we'll be so eager to meet them once Christmas has come and gone.

After they revealed the genders, I unloaded all my baby clothes - goodness, I had a LOT.  Since there won't be any boys, I am going to donate all the baby boy clothes next week.  I've been donating it since 2T for Bryce but had been saving this in case a nephew was coming.  I don't want to lug it to the new house or store it so I think it's best that I pass it along.  I think Kelly was meant to have two girls though - I had SO many girl clothes from both Piper and Caroline.  I hope she'll be able to use a lot of it.  

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Heather said...

I forget what I guessed....very exciting. I can't wait until Meghan does her big reveal in December....I wanna know!!!