Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sleepwalking Bryce

Apparently, Bryce has become a sleepwalker.  In the past few months, he's had a handful of incidents where he gets up shortly after going to bed (Jason and I have still been up) and he'll walk around and not really say anything.  A few weeks ago, Jason had just gotten into bed and Bryce came to our bedroom door and just kind of stood there looking around.  Jason didn't realize he was asleep and tried asking what he was doing and when he couldn't tell him, he directed him back to bed which he did on his own.  The next morning Bryce didn't believe us when we told him about it.

Last night, just before 10pm, we heard someone walking around upstairs but then nothing became of it.  When Jason went to go upstairs, he found Bryce laying on the living room couch sleeping.  Jason wasn't 100% sure he was sleeping so he kind of roused him and Bryce walked upstairs on his own and went to bed without any problems.  But again this morning Bryce had no recollection of being awake.

In fact, when you first tell Bryce that he was sleepwalking he gets all defensive about it but then the more we talk about it and the fact that it's kind of funny, he comes around and laughs about it.  He especially likes to hear Jason tell him about it for some reason.  I told him that the next time he does it that we'll take a photo of him to prove it.  He liked that idea.

I'm thinking the connection is that he only does it on the nights he is super tired and with having a lot of soccer games, I think that might be doing it.  I'm amazed he came down the steps without problems but worry that maybe he could fall too.

Piper also had a weird sleep crying incident last night too at about 9:30.  This is fairly unusual for her now but every now and then she'll really start crying in her bed like she's scared and when you go in she'll be seemingly wide awake but not making much sense.  I picked her up and cuddled her but she kept opening her eyes and looking at me.  This morning she didn't remember it.

Caroline swore this morning after hearing  Bryce and Piper's stories that she woke up and found her mp3 player on her pillow so she thinks she was listening to it in her sleep too.  Not sure if I believe that one, but it seems there are some strange sleep disturbances happening in our house right now.  Here's hoping it's not going to become a problem!


Krissy said...

We have a sleepwalker here too. Fortunately, I know when it is going to least for the most part. Trevor does it only when he is coming down with a bad cold. And also thankfully it is in the early part of the evening, not in the middle of the night. He walks downstairs and will have a whining incoherant conversation. I also have to calmly walk him back to bed because he usually falls asleep on the steps, even if I ask him to go back upstairs. It kind of freaks me out but really, there isn't anything you can do about it! Good luck!

Heather said...

OMG. I think Gretchen did this the other night. She came into my room insisting she had lost another tooth and couldn't find it but she was pointing to the space in her mouth where she already lost her two bottom teeth...and she said Daddy told her to look for it. It was 2:15AM and she woke me out of a sound, deep sleep. I thought I was going crazy...or she was! It was weird.