Thursday, October 25, 2012

Showings A Go Go!

As of today, our house has been on the market for one week and in that week we've had 5 showings - well, our fifth is actually mid-morning today.  We have one more scheduled on Sunday as of right now but I still haven't written off that we'll get another showing today, tomorrow or Saturday.  They are coming in so fast - I was not expecting this but I am not complaining.  Hoping that this continued momentum means we priced it right.

The other interesting thing was that the realtor who showed our house last night actually asked for the disclosure information from our realtor before she showed the house.  Our realtor said that generally requesting disclosure information means that a contract might be in the works but odd that she asked for it BEFORE the showing.  Not sure what that means if an offer is possibly coming or that's just how this particular realtor does things.  Time will tell though.  If not this set of buyers, we will find another one.  I'm feeling a little more confident about it (but still have that nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach that I've had since we decided to move).  I guess if we were to get an offer soon, being out by Christmas is certainly a possibility.  Hope my mom is ready for us!!!

But in the meantime, we'll continue showing the hell out of our house.  My MIL has been so helpful the past three days.  She makes the beds that I can't get to before I leave and does a quick check on all the "big" things.  I can't thank her enough.  (My mom did the same on Monday but we didn't have a showing that day.)  I know both of them want us to be able to sell almost as much as we do.


Katie said...

Time for a little help from St. Joseph. :) A Catholic thing, but every little bit helps! Sell, sell, sell!

Erika said...

K - would you believe I've looked into it? There was even an article in the Wall Street Journal about it.

Did you do it? I see several "Catholic supply" companies selling them. Any site you recommend?