Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Party Planner

Caroline sent out an email last night to all the people in her address book.  (This is the contact list that I have set up for her so it's all family and a few random family friends.)

Joy to the world!Party at my house on 10/19/12!{}

Yep, my daughter is planning parties.  Never mind the fact that she hadn't said a word about it to Jason or me.  Or the fact that we might not even be home at that point.  Jason and I got a couple replies laughing at the invitation.  Clearly, they realize that this was sent by an 8 year old.

Then this morning we all got this response:

the party is at 7:30{#emotions_dlg.tongue}

I guess she thinks this is going to happen?  Typical Caroline...always wanting to plan a party.  My mom laughed and said, "That's my girl!"  (My mom loves having parties too.)  Caroline is always wanting life to be exciting and fun and non-boring.  Clearly, I cannot keep up with that joie de vivre.  

And this, my friends, is why my daughter has the email account she does - I can completely monitor it.  I'm starting to worry about high school already.  Already shopping for a tight leash.

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Heather said...

That's funny. I kinda wish you hadn't seen it and all these people just showed up at your, I mean, your newly listed, needs to stay in perfect condition house. Ha. That girl has a sense of humor.