Friday, October 05, 2012

New House Idea

I found this photo on Pinterest today:

And they gave instructions on how to duplicate it with Billy bookcases from Ikea (although I'm not sure I would use the 6 ft+ bookcase they suggest, maybe the 42" one).  It won't be exactly the same (that cute little design on the top of the two towers) but you can do it for less than $200!  And you have a variety of Ikea colors to choose from....I am sold!  I already have 3 ideas in mind as to where this would go in the new house.  A cubby for each kid's backpack and lunch box to be parked when not in school and I would put a bunch of hooks on the wall between the towers for other things to hang.

Backpack and lunchbox storage is SUCH an issue at our house.  I need a place for them to "live" while the kids are home.  I can't stand how we have them hanging off of kitchen chairs at the moment.  I am inspired!!

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