Wednesday, October 03, 2012


So we've been officially working like beasts for the past 4 weeks to get the house ready to sell.  Basically, any waking moment that I am home, I am working on something (packing, cleaning, painting, reorganizing, etc).  I come home from work, make dinner, and then start on the task for the night.  I'm getting a bit burnt out but with the realtor coming over this weekend, hopefully we are nearing the end and then my only task will be to keep the house clean for showings.

(BTW, any of you have any tips for me in terms of keeping the house neat and clean during this period?  I have read some RIDICULOUS things online in that regards.  Seriously, one website suggested that you not cook dinner until very late in the evening - like 8pm - or only do take out so that you don't "smell your house up" with cooking fumes.  That makes sense, I guess, for the short term but if this could drag on, yeah, that's NOT a plan. Any real life, previous experience advice would be appreciated.  I already know about getting into a morning routine of making beds, emptying trash and putting certain personal items away.)

Anyway, with all this going on, I feel as though we've certainly "neglected" the kids.  I put that in quotes because it's not true neglect (they are eating and having all their needs attended to) but I feel like the amount of attention I've been able to give each of them has been quite low.  I feel terrible about it, frankly.  But there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Last night as I was on the floor painting the trim in Caroline's room (I HATE painting trim!!!!), Caroline did her spelling homework of tracing words on my back.  It was all the attention I could give her at the moment.  I try to let the kids kind of hang out around me while I'm doing whatever task it is I'm doing to talk to them but sometimes they just make things more difficult.  Piper + wet trim is NOT a good combination.

I keep reminding myself that this is a finite period of time and that all will be forgotten but I can't help feeling bad about it.  Caroline has been acting out a bit (third grade transition continues coupled with the fact that she's not getting as much attention as she needs) and our patience with her has been quite short as a result of her behavior.  She got herself in VERY hot water on Sunday evening as a result of some behavior and I'm still a bit miffed at her.

I just want this part to be over and have the stress behind me.  I'm nervous about our realtor coming this weekend and what he will see and say needs to be done.  I'm trying to prevent as many negative comments as possible but it seems the closer I look at things, the more I see our house turning to crap.  I realize it's because I'm putting everything under the microscope but if I see a ding on the wall or trim that we missed fixing, I get closer to having a nervous break down.

This too shall pass and this time next year all will be well and we'll be settled into the new house and be dealing with the "stress" of decorating and painting.  I have to keep my eye on the prize....our new house and neighborhood.


Erin said...

The best advice anyone ever gave me was to have a basket nearby and if you get a call for a showing and you have to run out quickly, just throw everything that is laying around into the basket and take it with you.

I also always had laundry going so there were never any dirty clothes int he closets or in baskets anywhere... always had a load in the washer, a load in the dryer and one folded on top ready to be put away.

The dinner thing never really came into play... we cut off showings at like 6:30 because, at the time, we had a little baby who went to bed at 7... but even so, never got any requests for showings that would have interfered with dinner. We would get enough notice for showings anyway that if we would have gotten one anywhere close to dinnertime, we would have just eaten out anyway.
It's exhausting... at least you guys are out of the house all day five days a week though, so once you are out, it will stay clean. That will help a ton!!!

Good luck! :)

Erin said...

OH and btw, if your kids get sick with a stomach virus, you will inevitably get three showings that day. And you can't say no to any of them because one of them will end up being your buyer. Keep a bucket and blankets in your car. ;)

Erika said...

OMG, Erin! I forgot about that. I hope you didn't just curse me! ;)

My MIL or mom and Piper will be at the house 4 days a week but knowing my MIL, I don't have to worry about her creating any extra messes.

I like your "take it with you" idea! I joked with Jason that we'll take both our cars with us (out of the garage) and there will be space in the back to put anything we don't want people to see.