Friday, October 12, 2012

How To Feel Old

Tell the "kid" who works in the office across the hall from you that you graduated high school 18 years ago.  His response, "Oh wow, I was FIVE!"


In his defense though, he graduated college just over a year ago and he really is a great co-worker - he helps me out often with a several tedious/tricky administrative tasks.  Otherwise, I might have been annoyed by it.  He also couldn't believe I was that old and remarked that I don't look like I graduated that "long" ago.  Ha!

I get the same response from people around work when they ask me how many kids I have and when I tell them three they look at me like perhaps I had my first kid in my teens.  Well, maybe not that young but it is nice to be told you look younger than you are.  I credit good genes though.  When people my mom works with find out how old she is they don't believe her and given my resemblance to my mom, I'm hoping for the continued response.  Although I'm finding more and more gray hairs and for now I just yank them out but I know eventually that won't be an option unless I want to go bald.

I'm not saying that getting older is something I'm fighting, I just don't want to feel old.

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