Monday, October 15, 2012

New House Zen

On Saturday afternoon, Jason, the girls and I went by the model to ask a question of the sales agent and realized we had forgotten about the Pumpkin Open House they were having.  (Bryce was spending the night with my IL's.)  When we went in, I quietly asked the sales agent if he thought we could go through the house next door (the same model we are building) since Caroline hadn't been through yet.  The new owners aren't settling until Friday so they said it was no problem.

I was so happy to take Caroline in since I think she's the one with the most at stake in this move (of the kids).  And the verdict?  LOVE!  All she could say as she walked through the house was "OH MY GOSH!"  She loved it.  Every part.  But the thing that made me laugh was when she went into the master bedroom and said, "Oh wow, you guys have a HALLWAY in your bedroom.  A HALLWAY!"  I laughed because that was EXACTLY my response to seeing it and one of the reasons I love the house so much - and the two walk in closets and huge linen closets on that hallway.  (They have an option that takes the extra extension that we're putting on the first floor/basement to be built up to the second floor too and we aren't doing that because it alters the floor plan so that there isn't a hallway anymore - a huge closet on the other side of the bathroom, but no more hallway.)

Going into that house has been very helpful for me too.  With all the stress of selling our current home, going into the new house reminds me why we're doing this and that it's all for a good reason.  It brings me back to center and reaffirms what a good choice this is for us.  Although after Friday we won't be able to go in anymore but I think that I've been inside enough now to memorize certain things and notice all the details you can't tell from the floor plan.

We had thought we'd be closer to breaking ground by now but there is some kind of bottleneck with some other homes being built and our start is a little delayed but I think that's okay because it gives us a little more wiggle room with selling.  Hopefully it won't delay the start of everything for too long though.  But no matter what happens, we'll deal with it because this is just a short term delay and once we're in the new house, these months of stress will fade into our happiness in our new home.

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