Monday, October 01, 2012

Exterior Colors

We picked our exterior colors yesterday now that we decided we are NOT doing a full stone front.  This photo isn't great as it doesn't get a true representation of the colors.  Basically the siding will be "Cobblestone Wicker" and the shake will be "Suede."  (The shake is my favorite part of the exterior of the house.)

I didn't know what a shake was either until seeing this on the exterior of our model:

The shutters will be a dark, dark green and the front door will be a dark "bottle green."  We saw them in person and in the bright light, you can see that they are green.  The other thing to note is that we will only have FOUR shutters (instead 14 like we currently have) so it's not such a big deal.  

Plus, even though we are giving up the full stone front (as shown above), the columns will still be stone - so we still get a nice stone effect on the house.  The trim and garage doors will be white (in addition to the pergola over the garage doors and trim around all the other windows), and that's the effect I really like - Arts and Crafts!  We also know that we'll have white, vinyl rails along the front porch (not shown in the photo) because it's a safety thing.  But it actually looks pretty good - so I'm okay with it.  Jason just said as long as it's vinyl, he doesn't care.  I can't wait to put my pretty wicker set on the porch.  Based on the existing version of this home we've toured, it should fit at least a chair and the couch without problem.  YAY!  

One more thing done!  

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