Monday, October 22, 2012

And We Wait

This is the part that I'm not good at.  This is the part that I'm TERRIBLE at, in fact.  Waiting.  Not doing anything, just waiting.  Very little is in our control now and when you're a "doer" this is hard.  Back when we signed the contract in 9/9, I was nervous but I was able to temper that anxiety by doing something - decluttering, painting, cleaning, etc.  And then when we were getting ready to list I was able to continue working by getting the house in tip top shape for photos and the first showings.  But now that we've listed and had a couple showings I feel powerless.   This is not what I do well.  The uncertainty is unsettling. Being such a planner and control freak does not bode well for me.  Jason's not much different.

The only thing that will keep me going are continued showings.  Not having showings makes me nervous too.  We had two this weekend which is great considering we just went on the market but not getting one yesterday has me worried again.  Thankfully we have an open house scheduled for next Sunday so I'm thinking that perhaps it will keep some people from scheduling a showing if they can just wait for Sunday (which is a Ravens bye week - which I know may help - good timing!).  Here's hoping that this so called possible "perfect" storm doesn't hit us...especially on Sunday.  The only "Sandy" I want to see is my MIL.  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, check some local forecasts regarding TS/Hurricane Sandy.)

Update: Woohoo, another showing tomorrow at 5:30.  Jason will come home from work, get the kids and dinner food and go to my mom's (Caroline and I have hair appointments at 6pm and he has indoor soccer sign up for Bryce or otherwise we'd just wait until they were done.)  Just taking it one day at a time - every showing has potential.

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