Monday, October 15, 2012

And So We List....

The realtor was supposed to come today to take the official listing photos but because the weather is iffy and skies are gray, we're going to do them tomorrow since they will yield the best photos inside and out.  So tonight will be spent touching up the bathrooms for cleanliness (not a big deal since we've been keeping them clean) and banishing the mild clutter that continually spawns as a result of having three kids who don't care.

I just want to get these photos over with since these are where the house has to look its most perfect.  Yes, I will make sure it looks as good for any open houses (maybe next weekend??) and well planned showings, but I've resigned myself that for shorter notice showings there might be some stuff sitting out on a kid's desk or the best towels aren't out in the bathroom. (Not that we have any truly ratty towels - they are all in good shape just not the "best" ones.)  I'm having a lot of anxiety about this and having the photos delayed by one day is stressing me more than it should.  I think I just want the limbo to end, which of course, will NOT end until the house is sold.  We're just entering a different limbo phase.

We also had to decide on our listing price which is no fun especially considering there was a very recent short sale in our neighborhood for the same model.  Ugh.  Granted, I think we have a nicer house (they hadn't painted a drop), and while our basement isn't finished, our lot is pretty damn awesome with a huge deck so I'm hoping that makes the asking price more reasonable.  So we're going in the middle of the asking price window the realtor recommended which I think based on other comparable properties listed right now, it's the right one.  I also know that our realtor likes to pick a price and stick with it so he's not going to recommend something that's too high - he tends to sell his properties for what they are originally listed.  Here's hoping!

We're also getting very close to the time frame in which if we are lucky enough to sell quickly would we need to be out before Christmas.  You never know.  I would survive either scenario although decorating the house for Christmas would be quite subdued if it is still on the market at that point.  I've read different perspectives on each - some say to decorate and make the house all Christmas-beautiful whereas others say to scale back as much as possible.

The other point of angst we're having right now is about the fridge.  The new house comes with a fridge (and we're going to upgrade it to have the same amount of cubic feet as we currently have) but it will be a side by side rather than a French door model like we're used to.  We could upgrade to a French door model but it would be $2K and I don't want that much rolled into my mortgage and without any real choice in the matter (one kind offered).  I think the reason I'm so irritated too is because our current fridge is only 2 years old and we got a deal on it because the company replaced it with a better model when our first model went bad less than a year after getting it.  It's a $2200 fridge we got for less than $1400 and I love it.  Love it.  But the realtor truly believes it will help to sell the house because we're also including our high efficiency, front load washer/dryer set.  (I'm okay with leaving them because they are 9 years old and I think, in some ways, you are playing roulette with older appliances - we could take them and then have them fail in a year.)  It would be nice just to take them all though and not have to worry about it but I do think it gives our house an edge and when you want to sell relatively quickly, you'll do what you have to do.  But oh, the fridge.  We'll be stuck with the side by side until it fails.  Unless someone wants to take it off our hands in a few years and we can put the money toward another French door model.  Sigh.  (And truly, I KNOW this is not a real "problem" it's just a point of angst that I need to get over and reconcile myself to - the new kitchen will be beautiful and wonderful and the side by side fridge will have ice/water in the door and that is even more important.)

I'll email anyone who wants it, the link to our listing when it's up.  I keep looking at all the video listings our realtor has on his website and how many of them have a "sold" banner across the bottom with the asking price being achieved.  Hoping ours will be up there like that very soon!! 

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Heather said...

Good luck! Sending good selling thoughts your way!