Friday, October 26, 2012

A Sandy I Don't Like

Normally, I'm happy when Sandy comes to my house.  Sandy, being my MIL, who is wonderful in most every way.  Sandy the hurricane, well, not such a fan.  I've been watching and reading WAY too much all week.

I guess we're ready.  We didn't do the stupid thing we did before Irene and have 2 weeks worth of food delivered that morning.  We're having 1 week's worth delivered tomorrow morning.  :)  But, this time we are more prepared.  We have a generator.  After Irene it seemed like SO much money but right now, I'm feeling so much better about it.  At least we won't have to worry about our sump pump and a flooded basement.  We can keep the fridge/freezer going and even have a few lights.  My neighbor even powered up his TV and Wii during Irene with his.  Ha!

But before Irene there is a lot to do.  Bryce has a single elimination soccer tournament this evening which could last though tomorrow and Sunday morning.  The girls have gymnastics tomorrow and then a family gymnastics Halloween party in the evening.  There is supposed to be Trunk or Treating at my mom's church on Sunday but it all depends on the weather.  Plus we have showing scheduled on Sunday afternoon.

Oh and it sounds like we have our first offer coming.  Trying not to get too excited/nervous about it.  Worried they'll try and come in too low which is not happening considering we priced it right, the value of the house, along with a premium fridge and washer/dryer set.  And that means we very well  could be out before Christmas.  Or not.  Just have to wait and see.   But we'll just keep showing the house because, you never know, someone else might like it too!

Will be curious when this storm actually hits.  Will the schools close on Monday?  Will the university?  I don't want to get stuck driving home in a ridiculous downpour and flooding.  Just have to keep watching the track of the storm which will firm up more after tomorrow.

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