Sunday, October 21, 2012

2 Days, 2 Showings

Our house wasn't officially on the market until Thursday at noon and we had our first showing Friday afternoon and then another one yesterday evening.  The feedback from the first showing was just that they really liked the house but it was one of the first they looked at so they weren't ready to make an offer.  The showing yesterday, well, that's a whole other story.....

We originally approved the showing for 6:30pm.  (I love the new automated, texting/online showing approval, by the way!)  We had been out all afternoon but the house was pretty much ready.  We came back I made a quick dinner (cooked the smellier parts out on the grill) and we at at 5pm.  We were going to be taking the kids to my sister's for the night around 6pm so at 5:30, Jason was upstairs packing bags and I was in the kitchen cleaning up.

Caroline was messing around in the living room and said, "THERE ARE PEOPLE OUTSIDE!!!"

Um, what?  And sure enough, two cars - a family and a guy that looked like a realtor were outside.  I told Jason to handle it since I was elbow deep in cleaning up.  They were an HOUR early and knew it. However, this is where things kind of make me care a little less.  The realtor himself had an accent and his name told me he was likely from Africa.  His clients, a family with 2 young children, where also not native born Americans. This was easy to figure out and tells me why they didn't seem to think coming a whole hour early was an issue.  They were very friendly and had no issues with looking at the house with us still there!  (Jason politely turned them down and asked for 10 minutes for us to leave.)  Apparently, they had been house hunting all day and had another appointment up in Joppa later (one they were probably VERY early for too) so it was obvious that if we said no, they wouldn't have come back.  And while the likelihood that we would get an offer from them was low, it was still a better chance at an offer than if we'd said no.

I can only imagine our our realtor is going to react when he finds out.  (He's away through the end of today due to a death in his family or I'm sure we would have already heard from him.)  He is very much a "by the books" kind of guy and believes realtors who bring buyers by without much notice are doing their clients a disservice, so I can only imagine what he will say to this.

But all in all, we're no worse for the wear.  The house was basically ready - we were just cleaning up and getting bags together.  Seeing that they had young kids told me they were probably not too discerning.  We'll see, we haven't gotten any feedback from them yet.

We also went yesterday and had a brief meeting with our sales agent at the new community.  We are on track for breaking ground in the next few weeks!  AHHH!!  He gave us the MONSTER new home guide from the builder (really amazing!) and was so pleased to hear we'd already had 2 showings.  He said in this market that is unusual so we are hoping that only means good things for us.  He's the one that approves continued contingency on our new house so it's good to have his support.

Hoping we'll have another showing today to get the taste of that one out of our mouth today.  We have an open house scheduled next Sunday.  At least we proved to ourselves how important it is to keep the house ready at all times although Jason said he's now more anxious that other realtors will do that to us.  We'll see - this has been quite an adventure already but if it leads to getting a good offer, I'll take it.


Heather said...

That happened to us all the time..."oh, we're five minutes away, can I show your house?" UGH. And our house was soooo small and sooo cluttered it was never a good thing when that happened....good luck.

Katie said...

We bought our first house that way. :) We were looking at another townhouse around the corner, saw the sign, called & asked if we could come right then. Luckily only the dad was home, not the entire family, & he was gracious enough & took the dog on a walk while we looked. I don't think they minded as we made an offer the next day! Hoping the same happens for you as I know your house would show well, even when you thought you weren't ready. :)

Erika said...

A call 5 minutes ahead would have been a little easier to manage than standing in front of my house. The kids were jumping around and standing and looking out at them. It was kind of funny.

Our realtor is using Centralized Showing Service and I love it. No phone calls - just texts. We don't have to talk to anyone. :)