Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Accomplishments

While I was actually accomplishing things this weekend I felt good about the things I was doing but now that the weekend is over, I feel like I didn't do enough.  Except for Jason cleaning out his part of the closet and his stuff sitting out in the bedroom, the second floor is decluttered.  I managed to get all the carpets upstairs shampooed on Saturday and cleaned out our closet yesterday.  It was such a beautiful weekend that it was a perfect time to shampoo carpets and clean the oven - both of which can make the house smell bad if you have it all closed up.  But thanks to the dry, breezy weather, neither presented a problem and for the most part, the carpets upstairs look good.  The steps have a little "wear and tear" look to them but they don't look truly dirty.  What do you expect after 9 years?  Jason spent the better part of Sunday afternoon taking out the caulk around the tub and shower in our master bath and then recaulking.  And then after a small fit of rage with the kids making a colossal mess in the playroom, I went to town in there.  I wouldn't say I'm completely done but I'm about 2/3 so I should be able to finish in there tonight along with getting the living room looking good (although the computer desk might have to wait).  I think that I am on target for completing the decluttering project on the main floor of the house well before the weekend but then that leaves the, gulp, basement.  To say I'm freaking out about the basement is an understatement.

I knew it was going to get messier before it got cleaned up since we're putting all the storage stuff down there at the moment until we get our storage unit (next weekend??).  My SIL is supposed to come next weekend too and get all the baby gear stuff too which will clear up a big spot of floor right when you come down the steps.  Since she doesn't know the twin genders yet, I told her to leave the bins of clothing since they are neatly and easily stacked against the wall.  I didn't want to make her take any gendered baby clothes until she knows what she's having.  (It seems everyone thinks she's either having two girls or a boy & girl.  She's 15 weeks and she might know soon since she gets frequent ultrasounds.  Cannot wait for them to find out!)

I will probably make a trip down to Goodwill soon and do a major drop off, but getting that storage unit will be a big deal for me because then things can start leaving the house instead of just being relocated.

I can't take any time off this week but I'm hoping to take a day off next week.

Overall though, the weekend was very good.  The kids had plenty of play time with their friends and on Saturday evening, they spent the night with my brother and his wife for the first time.  They'd been wanting to have them over and offered so we decided to go out.  We went to Salt in Fells Point with Kelly and Jesse and loved it!  Really good food!  I had an octopus salad to start and coriander/black pepper encrusted tuna. Really delicious and fun spending time with K & J!

I feel kind of bad though because I feel like I'm not spending much quality time with the kids right now because I'm so occupied with house tasks.  I keep telling myself that once the house is all set to sell that I will be able to just concentrate on them as opposed to seeing them as little minions that are thwarting my efforts.  (I hate that I even think that.)  Deep breaths....this too shall pass.

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