Saturday, September 22, 2012


I finally feel like progress is being made even though Jason will attest that I've made a lot of progress already.  And even though I managed to get the first and second floors decluttered and unloaded before the weekend, I still was having the dread involved because of the basement.  But today, oh joy of joys, we rented a storage unit AND I made a HUMONGOUS donation to Goodwill.  Like loaded up the whole back of the van with the seats down huge.  It

And tomorrow, my lovely SIL is coming over to go through all the baby gear.  She'll wait on the clothes since she won't find out what she's having until mid-October but they are so neatly in tubs it's not a big deal to leave them here for the short term - the baby gear is a little crazy.  Plus, thanks to being allowed to put stuff in the community building dumpsters, we are purging like mad.  Woooohooo!

Jason is even working on fixing the piece of laminate at the bottom of the steps that never looked very good as I type this.  I feel like I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel even though there is still a bunch of stuff left to do.

When I talked to my dad about all that we're doing to prepare the house he laughed and said, "I didn't have to do all that thirty years ago when we were selling our house in Baltimore City."  And he's totally right - things have changed drastically in that time.  But, in a way, I'm glad for it because we are getting rid of so much clutter and junk that I don't want to take to the new house.


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Bracken said...

I totally understand the wonderful feeling of purging and cleaning. It can be a task and a half but it can be so cleansing. I could use another good purge.