Monday, September 10, 2012

Pre-K Piper

Piper is officially a pre-k girl!  She'll be going three mornings a week to the rec council's pre-k program since she doesn't qualify for the public school pre-k program.  I'm glad though because I think pre-k three days a week is a little easier on her since she's never really been in daycare like her older siblings were.  Plus, she's my baby and it's hard enough that she's old enough to go to school.  I needed to get her into something since I don't think it would have gone very well if she'd skipped pre-k and went to kindergarten - she needs to learn classroom social norms and how to behave in a classroom setting and this exactly the kinds of things they focus on in her pre-k.  And crafts and fun stuff!  She was excited to have "homework."  

Of course Bryce is being difficult about it and keeps saying things like, "Finally, you're going to school!" Or, "You'll find out how BORING school is now.  Ha ha ha!"  And then when I told him her school didn't start until 9:30, he says, "That's ridiculous!!"  I gave him a good talking to and told him to lay off.  She's just turned four for Pete's sake!  

Anyway, she was so excited this morning (yay!).  She was ready an hour beforehand and kept "practicing" putting on her backpack and carrying her snack bag.  (She was the one who remembered to wear her jersey for the Ravens today - heavens knows it wasn't me!)  The backpack was Caroline's in kindergarten and first grade and since it's an LLBean, it is in great shape.  But without thinking I had it monogrammed not realizing Piper would use it.  Duh.  But a seam ripper (and a half hour of my time) got it all the way out - you can barely tell!  

Because Caroline held that silly penguin in her photos, Piper had to hold something too and she opted for Flora.

Then my mom made her mad by picking her up and trying to stand her by the flowers for a photo.  This was her reaction:  (pitiful)

But, I got her smiling again.

 And in her classroom right before I left:

In this pre-k they ask that parents help out twice a month - since I'm working my mom and MIL have agreed to each do a day a month.  My mom signed up for the first day so I was VERY grateful that I didn't have to leave Piper alone her first day although I hope she'll be okay when my MIL drops her off on Wednesday.  My mom said she did well and I think it's just a matter of time before she gets comfortable with the way things go. Although the teacher is laid back and isn't pushing any parent out the door in a set amount of time so hopefully Piper will follow the other kids' lead and be okay.  My mom said only one kid was truly upset this morning.

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