Thursday, September 27, 2012

Options, Options, Options

Jason and I had our design/options meeting with Creative Touch Interiors that our builder uses for all of their internal design options for their homes.  We knew it would be a long meeting but OMG.  It was FOUR hours.  FOUR.  And the woman who was helping us said we were "fast."  When all is said and done, we were able to accomplish everything we wanted but I truly think the meeting could have been done faster.  A lot of time was wasted, in my opinion, by shuffling of papers and how laid back the saleswoman was.  She was very nice and definitely NOT high pressure (which I liked) but sometimes her sticky sweetness made me want to tell her to HURRY UP!!!

Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that we have SO many choices and that so many of the standard fixtures are actually pretty great and don't need changing.  Ahem, more $$$.  But, what was frustrating was that she had this horrible 55 page document from the builder that listed out all of the potential options in a fairly unorganized way and in a lousy format.  She had to keep going back for it and look for specifically what she needed - like the carpet/padding price for our family room because it has a 6 foot extension.  It would have been a lot easier if our builder would have ONLY provided the listings for things specific to our choices we made at the point of contract.

The biggest development of the day though was that we have decided to opt for the granite counter tops.  I've always said that the appeal of granite was lost on me, but Jason really wanted it.  And after seeing it with the cabinets and flooring, we picked out, I'm kind of sold.  We're also doing hardwood through the entire first floor, excluding the family room (doing upgraded carpet there), and extreme upgraded padding in the basement (anti-microbial and moisture barrier), and full stone fireplace - so the options total went a little higher than we had initially thought it would, so we've decided to opt out of the full stone front and go with the siding.  I'm totally okay with that as I was already on the fence about the stone front anyway.  Since it's not truly functional and the house will still have the "arts & crafts" look because of the stone pillars (included with the elevation) and the white pillars, window casing, and the cute little different colored peak on the second floor - I'm okay with it.  I truly don't think I will regret it the way I did with not putting enough closets in our current house.  Ha!

And as if that 4 hour marathon wasn't enough, we have to go back for one more meeting with CTI to put all of the options into the system officially.  They like to give buyers the opportunity to "sleep on it" although with us being fairly decisive, we don't need it.  I'm already dreading that meeting.  Bah.

I know I'm supposed to be excited with picking all that out but the fact that we are still on the hook with selling our current home (listing soon!) and that this meeting was sooooo freaking long, I didn't get so much enjoyment out of it.

Here are some (poor quality) photos I took of our choices:

Hallway bathroom cabinets with vinyl flooring.  (Same vinyl will be used in basement bathroom and 2nd floor laundry)

Master bath cabinets (hardware not shown) with vinyl flooring: (the flooring is much prettier in real life)

Kitchen cabinets (hardware not shown), with cherry hardwood, black granite, and family room frize (sp?) carpet:

Stacked stone for fireplace: (another bad photo for's a little more diversified than this in real life)


Katie said...

We went to CTI in White Marsh too! We did not have a long appointment though b/c we did basic or had already chosen. I think we had 2 flooring choices & 2 hardwood choices, so it was quick. The stone fp & counters we picked at the model home when we bought. We went to a separate vendor for bathrooms, but again, most basic, so no choice really. I like all of your choices! Fun times!

Heather said...

Maybe she got paid by the hour??? Very exciting to be picking out all this fun stuff! When will the house be completed?

Erin said...


Bracken said...

Always a long experience but so exciting. Love your choices.