Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New House Details

So here are some more details on the new house:

- 4 bedrooms:  All four bedrooms are bigger than our current bedrooms but not by a lot in the case of Piper's room.  It will only be a little bigger but I like the fact that it is shaped a little differently and have two big windows.  Caroline and Bryce's room will be the exact same size.  I think Caroline's room will be a tad bigger than her current room and Bryce's room will be several feet wider.  Our master bedroom will be noticeably bigger.

- 2nd floor laundry: Jason was a little concerned about this before seeing it but it's quite big - especially considering how small our laundry "room" is now.  It will have a laundry tub and plenty of space for ironing and hanging things.  And it's upstairs!  That will take a little getting used to since we're used to it being on the first floor but I don't think we'll be complaining.  Jason won't have to iron his clothes in our bathroom any more.

- Hallway bath is pretty much the same as it is right now except the linen closet is now out in the hall and much bigger.

- Master bath is actually smaller but with all the same amenities and a bigger shower.  (I think our current master bath is a little big for all that is in it.)  The tub will be a little smaller and not a big garden tub like we have now, but it will be bigger/deeper than a typical tub.  We're upgrading to a higher counter too.  Nice for tall guys.

-Closets!  This was one of the reasons I wanted this particular model.  Oh the closets! In C and B's room, they will have big walk in closets that are bigger than what Jay and I have in our room right now.  In the master, there will be a walk in similar in size to our current one but with a long sliding door closet right across from it.  And a big linen closet in the master too.  Piper's closet will be close to what she has now but with sliding doors which I think is better in a smaller room so you don't have to worry about the door swinging open.

- 2 car garage but it's going to be a couple inches narrower than what we have now and what we have now is a squeeze to get 2 cars in.  But we won't be keeping the deep freezer out there now and will have plans to get a shed once we get settled and start allocating savings.  Wish we could have bumped it out a bit but we'll survive.  It has 2 doors instead of one - not sure about that yet but again, it's standard.

- Front of house: We're doing an elevation that includes a front porch (squeal!) and as of right now we are doing a stone front.  If we decide we need to drop the overall price a little bit, it's the first thing that goes.  And I'd be okay with it either way.  Although I really like the look of the stone with our model/elevation.

- Floors - we'll be doing hardwoods through the foyer, powder room, living/dining room and kitchen.  I will not make this mistake of not doing it up front again!

- The living room and dining room are actually one long room without division which I really like because I'm not necessarily a formal living or dining room person right now but it gives me the ability to change it as time goes on.

- The family room will be quite big and this is after having a decent sized family room already.  We're doing a 6 food extension in the family room with a corner, stone fireplace and extra windows.

- Kitchen - Decided NOT to do granite as I feel like I'm one of the only women I know who doesn't particularly like granite.  We'll do standard counters but upgrading the cabinets (as we were told to do long ago by a friend who makes cabinets.)  Since the house has 9ft ceilings standard downstairs, those top shelves will be mighty hard for a girl my height to get to.  Even for Jason . But great for storing less used things.  The kitchen will be a little bigger (more counter space) and we're opting for the gourmet kitchen which means double ovens and separate cook top - we're going to get a gas cook top too - my first time with gas! Well, cooking with gas....hope I don't burn stuff.  We're also putting a 3 foot extension onto the breakfast nook since we know how tight that space can be.  It should accommodate our table (with our without extenders) well!

- Basement: After 9 years without a finished basement, this is exciting.  We're going to finish off 2/3 of it.  The other third will be unfinished storage and a maintenance room.  We're also going to put a fourth bathroom in there with a stand up shower.  This room will be pretty much the kids' playroom for a while.  I'll put that old couch we have in the living room down there along with most of their toys and the old tube TV.  They can jump around all they want and we won't hear them!  Woohoo!    It will have a side area way walk out since the house won't be graded for a true walk out basement but it won't be bilco doors like we have now (although Jason kind of likes them).

We also made the decision to add windows wherever we could in the house knowing how much natural light plays a part in the way a house looks.  We'll be spending a mint on blinds when we move in but it will be worth it. I'll need to get some inspiration for window coverings for big windows too since in many cases the windows are close together.  I don't like having any window completely uncovered because I'm aware of prying eyes so I might have to get crafty, although my mom is pretty good with those kinds of things and did all my window boxes in our current house.

Oh and finally, the house is on a tiny dead end street with only 6 houses on it so the kids can ride around without worry.  We'll be between two houses with storm water management behind us.  We back to SWM partially now, so no one will ever be behind us.  Right now the SWM is a pond but that's just until the neighborhood is almost done with construction.  Then they drain it and turn it into a dry pond that will grow up over time.  On the other side of the SWM are rolling woods, so very pretty.  The lot is fairly flat and while a .05 acre smaller than our current lot, I think it will be fine - we don't need all the yard we have right now!  Of course in this new community building a pool is not prohibited so who knows what the future could bring!

So those are the big things - I'm sure there's little details I'm forgetting.  Whew.  Cannot wait to see them break ground!

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