Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mr. Studious

Now that Bryce is in the first grade, he's experiencing a more academic workload.  Not that kindergarten wasn't heavy on learning, it just was a little less structured (purposely).  But now they sit at desks, have clear cut subjects and have homework based off of what they learned that day.  And with this new academic rigor, we are seeing another side to Bryce and how he's different than Caroline.  Both of them are smart kids but it's really interesting to me how differently they are wired.  

Here's an example of their differences.  Every night after they are done with their homework we check it over.  When we find mistakes/issues on Caroline's, she complains/whines/moans about fixing it and then will hastily make the correction and not care one iota about how neat it is.  She just wants it to be done.  But last night when I was checking Bryce's homework where they had to write different words to describe an orange via all the difference sense, he was proud to show it to me. (He had sounded out words like "sweet", "squishy", and "sour.")  None of them were spelled correctly but they were very close phonetically and I know that in the first grade they aren't worried about correct spelling for non-sight words as phonetics is more important at this stage.  But Bryce wanted to make sure they were 100% right.  He went over each word with me and painstakingly corrected his words.  He had written his lower case q backwards in the word "squishy" and was practically embarrassed when he realized he'd made the mistake as he was writing the word "quiet" on a different line.  I know that Bryce is a perfectionist so this shouldn't come as a surprise to me, but it really does make me smile to see how intent he is on getting it right.

And then at dinner when we talk about how are days are, Bryce is the one most likely to comment on the fact that there were times during the day when kids wouldn't be quiet so he could hear what the teacher was saying. "These kids keep talking when Ms. B is talking and if they don't stop no one can hear and we might miss that Ms. B said there is going to be a test and then we won't know about it and then we'll get all the answers WRONG!"  Somehow I doubt that first graders would only be told once about a test but I like his attitude - ha ha ha ha!  I had a hard time keeping a straight face as he went off on his rant.  Who knew Mr. Talkative was intent on hearing what someone else has to say?  (Although I know he's had some days where he gets in trouble for talking a little too much, but nothing really to worry about.)

It makes me curious what the future holds for Bryce.  I know that perfectionism can be overwhelming at time (Jason and I have our own issues with it) but I also know that it sets him up for excellence in the future too.  He reminds me a little bit of my sister in that way - the same sister who had straight A's from like third grade through all four years of college.  Smart as a whip but a lot of fun too.  I just love this kid to pieces and I'm loving watching him mature even if it does make me miss that little boy he once was.

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