Thursday, September 06, 2012

Late Soccer

Jason finally got Bryce's soccer schedule last night.  After being told that he'd mainly have Saturday morning games we were a little surprised to see so many weeknight evening games.  We did them last year so that's not such a big deal but what I was concerned about was that FOUR of them are starting at 7:45pm on school nights!!!  Yep, 6-8 year old soccer with 7:45pm game start times.  Am I the only one that thinks this is problematic???

8 and older, maybe, but 6-8 seems a bit young.  Last year in the 6 and under clinic, they all started around 6 or 6:30.    And to add fire to my flame, he has a few games that are two days in a row, so a Tuesday night 6pm game and then a Wednesday night 7:45pm game.  What the heck?  (And mind you, we JUST got the schedule yesterday....typical for rec league and their lack of organization to get anything together sooner.)

Jason just shrugged his shoulders and asked "What are you going to do?"  And I guess he's right because while Bryce plays for one particular league, his games incorporate about 5 different leagues so basically it's not like we'd find another rec league in the general area that would have a better, more organized game schedule.

The girls actually start gymnastics this Saturday and I was able to get both of them in to 9am classes so we'll be done and out of there by 10am each week.  Bryce's sporadic Saturday morning games range in start times from 9:30 to noon.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much because the park where they have the games is fairly close to us and not a half hour away like it might be for some of other kids in other leagues.  And the place we take the girls to gymnastics isn't too far away either so on his early Saturday game we'll be able to scoot down the road to catch the end of the game.

Not that I'm planning to go to the 7:45pm games....Piper would be toast.  I guess those will be Jason/Bryce attended games only.  Thankfully there are enough Saturday and 6pm weeknight games that I won't feel bad missing the late ones.

If he's playing at 7:45pm, I can only imagine how late some of the older kids might be playing.  I guess we'll find out in 2 years, huh?


Erin said...

Yeah... our soccer turned out to be so un organized this year that I think we're cutting our losses and bailing. I'm starting to think there are no good rec soccer leagues.. this is the second one we have tried and has been awful.

Katie said...

Lost my first comment!

We play SAC (Soccer Association of Columbia) & they don't have weeknight games. u5's & u6's are sat am clinic only & older than that is one weeknight practice (time set by coach) & sat games.

that is a very late night for that age group. is it b/c of limited field space or to allow working parents more time? lights on the field?

that is a late night for families.

Erika said...

It's definitely a field issue - they have all the games at this park that has a really great turf field and is under lights. And clearly in addition to the 6-8 age group, they are doing the 6 and under clinic and all the older kids from multiple rec leagues. I know they have some of the adults playing games very late so we're in between. I believe it's like 5 other rec leagues all working together to share this venue. I guess it's not a big deal for most people - but it is for those of us that feel strongly about our kids getting enough sleep. Glad it's "only" 4 times rather than every game, I guess.