Saturday, September 01, 2012

End to a Busy Week

It was a busy week around here:

Monday:  First day of school - I went into work late so I could take each kid to their class.  Not that either of them wanted me to.  I guess that's the joy of neither of them being new to the school.  Work was crazy too with classes starting two days later, I was super busy until the second I left and then rushed home because Bryce had soccer practice.

Tuesday:  Bryce, Piper and I had haircuts in the evening and then I had to come home and whip up some apple pie.  I made a regular sized apple pie and then 9 baby pies in muffin tins.  Cutting up all those apples takes such a long time especially when little people keep eating them.

Wednesday:  Bryce's birthday - even though we didn't have to go anywhere it was chaos in the house with friends coming over, people calling, presents being opened, and pie being eaten.

Thursday:  Bryce had soccer practice and Caroline had an orthodontist appointment....or so I thought.  I left a half hour early, rushed home, got dinner and then drove Piper to my mom's so she wouldn't have to sit with us at the dentist's office.  Rush, in very heavy traffic, to the dentist only to find out that I'd screwed up.  That appointment had been changed to Saturday morning - I had just forgotten to change it in my Google calendar that I use on my phone and on my desktop.  Caroline was NOT pleased and I just felt deflated after having rushed around for nothing.

Friday:  I left work early to visit a friend who had just had a baby and then ran to get the girls registered for gymnastics starting next week.  Came home and the kids were BANANAS.  They went out to play with friends while I whipped up one of the tastiest fritattas I've ever made.

All five nights too, we were fighting to get the kids to bed at a decent hour.  It's so hard when it's still light later in the evenings and they just want to play outside with their friends.  Getting them to come inside at 7:30 is tough.  Caroline has been a bit mouthy lately this week so my tolerance for her is low.  Trying to come up with some other consequences for her other than grounding since taking things away from her does not work!   I also slept badly most of the week too - not sure what that's about.

Just happy to have survived the week.  I'm sitting here now, drinking coffee and psyching myself up to go to the orthodontist for the second time.  Caroline gets her expander this morning.  Then this evening we are celebrating my sister and Bryce's birthday with my family.  Peach pie is definitely on the menu!

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