Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dear Ear & Thumb,

Please don't make me have to miss any work for doctor's appointments this week.  I can't  be sidelined for illness or infection - I need to be able bodied as we prepare for our final walk through with the realtor this coming weekend.

Thank you,

Basically, yesterday when I was doing yard work and pruning my rose bushes (Yes, I've gotten THEM out of my system.....never again.) I was wearing garden gloves but this one bush is so thorny that it pricked me multiple times in my hands and got me good in my thumb.  Today it's swollen and hurts to bend.  I'm keeping it covered with antibiotic ointment and hoping for the best.  I don't need an infected thumb.

And then randomly today my right ear clogged up - no pain, just clogged or stuffed up or something.  I quickly took an Allegra thinking it's allergies and then some Sudafed.  This was how my horrible ear infection started 3 years ago.  Although back then I didn't connect it to allergies since I really don't have any other allergy symptoms.  I now know in the spring to take allergy medicine at the slightest ear twinge and I'm fine.  But I've never had the issue in the fall before.  I will never forget how horrible my ear hurt over 3 years ago an hope I don't have to experience that again.  Plus, it landed me in the ENT's office because it was clogged for so long and our doctor was concerned.  I definitely think that I have Eustachian tube issues.

Otherwise it was a good weekend.  We are getting so close to being done with decluttering and making the house look fresh.  I won't know what to do with myself after going hard core for this period of time.

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