Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brave Piper

Yesterday was Piper's second day of preschool but the first day that she would be alone.  On Monday, my mom had been signed up to stay and help.  She had a teary moment while there but then she was fine - she didn't bat an eye when I left.  When I asked her about her first day she told me that she was so glad that Bertie had stayed and that she was afraid to be alone on her next day.  On Tuesday night she actually started crying about it and was quite upset.  She was also exhausted from the day and I know that Piper can be easily upset by pretty much anything when she's tired - very doom and gloom.  Jason and I both talked to her about it and assured her she would be okay but not to think about it tonight hoping a good night's rest would make things brighter in the morning.

Before my MIL arrived, she told me she was afraid to go to school alone and I reassured her again that Nana wouldn't be walking out the door right away and would make sure she was settled.  But I noticed that while she said she didn't want to go alone, she wasn't as upset as the night before.  When Sandy arrived, I quickly told her that Piper had been upset and after talking the day before, I knew she was prepared for it.  So I kissed Piper good bye and she told me again she didn't want to go but it was in a whiny tone rather than a sad one, so I was hopeful that she'd be okay.

At about 9:45am, my MIL sent me a text with this photo:  (Can I just mention how much I love that my MIL has learned to text and attach photos?!?!)

I was just so happy to get this photo and the reassurance that Piper had done fine.  I give Sandy a lot of credit for psyching Piper up as they walked in and have her show her what Piper was supposed to do.  I know that helped a lot.  Sandy texted that Piper would call me when she got home.

At 11:45 my phone rang and there on the other end of the phone was a very happy little girl.  I could just hear the bubbly tone in her voice.  She hadn't cried at all!  She played Play Dough!  She made a new best friend!  It was a good day.  She was excited for her homework that we would do together too.  (And she was sure to recount that two kids had cried, but not her.)  

I was just so proud of her - I know this is a big step for her.  We've been so lucky to have my mom and MIL taking care of the kids since Piper turned 1 and while Piper plays with a lot of other kids she hasn't been in any kind of school/daycare environment like Caroline and Bryce had.  Here's hoping things continue to go so well and she continues enjoying it.  My baby is growing up way too fast!

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