Saturday, September 01, 2012

Birthday Pie

I think Bryce had a good birthday even considering he had to go to school.  And on that note, as I was getting ready to go to school that night I realized that I COMPLETELY didn't even consider taking in anything for his class.  I mean, the thought didn't even occur to me.  I think because this week has been a bit crazy with it being the first week of school and several other evening commitments.  I'm hoping that this means I can exempt myself from doing anything for Caroline on her birthday this year.  Heh heh heh!    

After dinner we did gifts and Piper presented him with a card she made on her own - without anyone even telling her to make it.  She came to Jason earlier in the day and said she'd made something and he asked if she wanted to put it in an envelope.  He wrote Bryce's name on a piece of paper and she copied it!  I'm so proud of how hard she tries! 

We got him a Wii game, Crayola set and......wait for it......a long mirror for his door.  I remembered in the store him saying once that he'd like a mirror in his room too and saw some that didn't require any drilling - it hung over the top of a door.  I totally didn't expect him to be very excited about it but as it turns out he was thrilled!  I got the biggest hug for a mirror.  He couldn't wait for me to hang it up.  I love when simple (cheap) gifts make a big splash.

And here's my boy with his apple pie - by request.  No gray icing this year.  Funny too because my sister who celebrates a birthday two day after him always requests a peach pie for her birthday.  Late August must be the pie birthdays.

Overall, he had a good birthday.  I just can't believe he is 7!

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday to Bryce! His new hair cut makes him look older. :-)