Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

Oy!  So Piper's relatively new hermit crab died on Monday and then Bryce's died yesterday.  (Piper's original one from NC died a few weeks back and we replaced it immediately.)   Both had been quite active and looking healthy the day before and then all of a sudden.....dead.  Caroline's second one is still going strong but I'm not convinced it's going to be long before that one dies too since the other two croaked without warning.  (And oddly enough, each time one dies I get this little pang of sadness in my heart and I didn't even particularly like the little things.)

Here I thought that hermit crabs would be an easy pet.  No fur, not vet appointments, easy to care for, hearty.  Nope.  And while a smidge better than fish in the sense that the kids can "play" with them, they are a pain in the butt. Who knew a cheap pet from the beach would end up costing me like $50 to outfit.  When I went to the pet store to replace Caroline's the day we got back from the beach, I bought a bunch of stuff thinking it would be enough but when we went back to replace Piper's I was told by the "expert" all the additional stuff I needed.  Heat/UV lamp?  A salt water "pool?"  A bigger tank?  Oh c'mon!  But apparently they DO need all that stuff because we've lost 3 of them as they seem quite sensitive. I did have a sample of the salt water conditioner but ran out because the stupid store had run out too.  

Bryce and Piper, of course, want to get replacement ones and while part of me wants to oblige, the other part of me doesn't.  I feel like we're going to just keep on killing them.  Plus, they are a little messy because of the stuff on the bottom of their cage (sand and coconut shavings) and right now I don't need anything in my house causing an extra mess at the moment.  I told them that maybe we'll just see how Caroline's does and if hers dies we'll try again in the new house.  Maybe.

Of course this just brings me back to the fact that a dog or cat might be easier.  And then I'm reminded of all the vet bills associated with one of those.  I keep coming to the conclusion that we are just not meant to have animals in our house.  Let them live in the wild or other people's homes.

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