Friday, September 28, 2012

Age Test

I just realized something that I have done with all three kids as they've left babyhood and moved through the toddler and pre-school years.....when I'm helping them to dress, I will pull their pants up too high.  Why?  I never really thought about why until this morning when I was helping Piper (she doesn't truly need help but who can resist her cute little self asking and getting some cuddles whilst doing it).

I helped her pull up her underwear and then as I helped her pull up her shorts, I pulled them up way too high with her shirt tucked into both.  And off she walked, no clue that she looked silly.  Well, not really silly, kind of freaking adorable.  And I realized that I've done that with all three of my kids not as a way of making them look dorky, but kind of because I still can.  Piper's my only one left that wouldn't notice now.  Caroline and Bryce clearly do not asking for help in dressing and when I have helped them (trying clothes on for fall) if I did that, they'd say something along the lines of, "Mooooooooom!  Why are you doing that?" and then quickly pull everything down where it was supposed to be.

But not Piper.  She's still my baby doll completely oblivious to what level on your mid-section your pants/shorts should sit.  And I love that.  Not that I'd let her walk out of the house that way, but just to prance around the house, listening to her music player completely oblivious that her pants look funny.  If you didn't know that I did it, you would think it was something she did (which kind of makes it cuter).  But I also know that those days are numbered.  She pretty much picks out her clothes every day so I have little say in that.  (She tried to wear fleece pajamas last night!)  But I know she's growing up and there won't be many more of these high pants moments.  I guess it will just be counting down to when Jason and I get old and start naturally wearing our pants too high.

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