Monday, September 10, 2012

1 Room Down

I just spent over 2 hours cleaning out and decluttering Piper's room.  OMG.  I hated taking all that stuff to the basement (donations, give to Kelly/mom/Sandy, new house storage).  Jason is in the process of figuring out our storage situation so I will feel better when we are actually removing things from the house rather than just adding the the deluge in the basement.  Thank goodness AmVets comes on Wednesday.  They are going to get a bunch of stuff!!

Tomorrow night I'm thinking of doing Caroline's room.  I really should be scared.  Although I didn't have nearly as much stuff in her closet as I did in Piper's but Caroline is the packrat of the family.  She's also the most attached to stuff.

Oh and I don't have boxes yet.  Crap.  Need to do that. 

At least I was able to get my list made of room by room things that need to be accomplished.  That made me feel a little better.  Doesn't help either that Jason was out tonight with Bryce's uniform pickup and Costco and then has games on Tuesday and Wednesday so he won't be here in the evenings to assist.  He couldn't believe all the stuff in Piper's room.  Neither could I, frankly.  But, her room does look pretty good now.  Gotta keep up the momentum!  

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