Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Still Thunder Scared

In the past 2 years, Caroline's fear of thunderstorms seems to have decreased.  They'll still wake her up and make her edgy (the other two sleep through them), but normally she'll just turn on her light and that's that.  She'll come into our room every now and then and we just remind her to turn on her light and she goes back to bed without issue.  I really thought that we were over those nights where she keeps bugging us, wanting us to do something and us feeling desperate for sleep and trying to help her to understand there is NOTHING we can do and she just needs to distract herself - something a kid aged 5 and up should be able to do.  Even during the derecho at the end of June she managed to be okay.  She stayed in our room during the worst of the storm because I was up and then once the violent part passed, she went to her room but the thunder was still rolling.

Well, last night just after 11pm, just after I had drifted off, I heard a gentle roll of thunder and felt the tap tap tap of a kid waking me up.  Ugh.  Caroline.  She was a little out of sorts and was saying something that I didn't even understand.  The storm wasn't even that bad.  Just a small thunderstorm.  She end up coming in 4 times, had her door open with the light on and was NOT having it.  Jason got her to close her door and I thought that was it but then we had a SUPER loud boom of thunder (made some car alarms go off, it was so loud) and she came running.  We assured her, as we always do, that she's was okay and that it could not hurt her and to go in her room and read or distract herself.  The storm quieted down and we all finally went back to sleep after being up for over an hour.

At this point, I'm not sure what we can do.  She has had an extensive lesson on thunderstorms and even wrote a whole book on them for school.  She knows so much about them and understands thunder and lightning.  She's just freaked by them.  And at 8 1/2 years old, I'm guessing that this might just be one of her "things."  She's not a timid kid and I wouldn't call her fearful at all but something about thunderstorms in the dark of night freak her out - she is mostly fine with them during the day.  Thank goodness the other two don't seem the least bit bothered.

Meanwhile, I'm a bit tired here this morning.  Well, almost exhausted really.  I didn't sleep well the night before and needed a good night's sleep last night.  Here's hoping one's on the agenda for tonight.

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Laura said...

Andrew appears to be afraid of thunder, too. He usually sleeps through them at night, but if it storms while he's awake, he gets very timid. For DAYS after a storm he thinks every noise he hears is "funder".

I hope he can continue to sleep through the storms. I used to be able to sleep through them, but now that I know he's afraid of them, I wake up, listening for him. So, I too lost some sleep Tuesday night - I feel your pain!