Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Pet Training/Care Camp

Caroline is doing a morning camp at our local community college this week and the name of the camp?  Pet Care and Training.

Yep, because you know about all those pets we have.  She needs to be prepared.

She is absolutely loving it.  And apparently she is the ONLY kid in the class without a pet although one of the kids has a hermit crab which I refuse to call a pet.  Although if she calls it a pet, maybe I'd be willing to let her get one at the beach.

I'll be honest, it's softening my resolve about not wanting a dog.  I do like dogs, they're just too much work and money.  Oh and the dirt.  I have enough dirt.  I actually had a passing thought that maybe we could make it the reward for doing 18 months of allergy shots.  But then I saw a post on my mom's community about a woman complaining about her dog and his issues with using the inside of her house as a toilet and she can't figure out why.  Um, yeah, that kind of reminded me why I don't want one.  Even a great dog will have the occasional accident and I am happy to say that my kids are past that.  (And even if they weren't, you know it will eventually go away.)

I really wish there was a way to have a dog without all the dirt, money, and responsibility of having to be home for it.  You know, like a Robo-Dog.  You might think a cat sounds like a better choice for us but given the fact that most of us are allergic and that I do not like the fact that cats have to go to the bathroom in the house, I will not be going down that road.  (I had hamster and rabbits growing up and I swore to myself that I would never have an animal in my house that required me to clean its cage or litter box.  Gross.)

Sigh.  I see other people getting dogs and how much the kids love them and I know that's how you get roped in.  And then I saw the cutest golden doodle the other day and have all this love for our friend's labradoodle and I start to consider it.  Damned if you do, damned if you don't, that's kind of my feelings about a dog right now.  I'm sure as a result of keeping my house pet free that all three of my kids will have houses full of animals when they are older that will cover my clothes in pet hair when I go over just to get me back for all the petless years as children.  Or maybe they'll see things my never know.


Katie said...

I'll get a dog if you get a dog and then we can each watch each other's dogs when we go away on vacation.

I am with you. I love dogs, but am turned off by the threat of poop&pee on my floors and also ticks and fleas and all of those gross things.

The thought of the kids loving a dog and having happy memories of a pet are a big draw though. What to do, what to do. I loved my dogs as a kid, but I hated-hated-hated when they messed in the house.

Heather said...

You had a dog....don't you want them to have those memories with one etc.? Of course, I'm not getting a dog anytime soon....but I'll visit your dog if you get one! ha.

Erika said...

Yeah, see you both get it. One side of you has this fuzzy, sweet memory of dogs and the other side realizes the reality.

In my case, my logical/rational side generally wins out. I have to be strong, I have to be strong.

Even though I know that the kids would help (YES, THEY WOULD!) one of the things that I hated about having a dog was taking him out all the time. We didn't have a fence and I wouldn't put one in either. And no matter how much kids help, cleanup always falls back to the parents to some degree. Whether it's cleaning up an accident or wiping slobber off of windows.

Katie said...

I still might get one one day. They are like children in a way... no perfect time, but once they come, you are happy and don't mind the mess (theoretically).

I feel like the ideal time for me would be when baby is a little older. I would be at home to train a dog. I just know the girls would love a dog, but they are a lot of work.

And I would most definitely get a fence. There is also a fenced dog park down the street from our house.

I wouldn't rule it out just yet.

Erin said...

A friend of mine got this dog called a King Charles Spaniel... she LOVES IT. (and has two BIG dogs too, so she know of what she speaks) it's small and clean and very cat-like (in all the way cats are positive) and dog-like (in all the ways dogs are positive)... I swear I'd consider getting one if my husband would help... but he refuses to have ANYTHING to do with a dog.

Erika said...

My neighbor has one of those, Erin, and it's ADORABLE. She even has a 2 year old who is very rough on it and it's no problem. (They paid an arm and a leg for it though.)

Interestingly enough, my co-worker has 2 dogs and today, her dog that NEVER has health problems now has polyps on it's bladder. It's not an old dog.....$1700 surgery. I think that cured me. Summer vacation or dog surgery? Hmmmm.