Monday, August 13, 2012

Great Week!

We had a wonderful week at the beach!  We were so busy, I didn't have much time other than to throw some photos up on Facebook.   Here are a smattering of photos from the week:

Day 1 (Saturday):  We left just before 5am and made it to the NC line just before 10am!  No traffic!  (We ate breakfast in the car and only stopped twice to use the bathroom.) But after that we hit some slow spots on 158 approaching the bridge but still made it to Goombays for lunch at 11:30.  We then went and wasted some time at Scarborough Faire in Duck until we could get into the house.  Once we were in the house we unpacked, made a grocery list and took the kids to the beach.  Here's Caroline on the afternoon we arrived

The house had a great pool area complete with hot tub and covered cabana.

Day 2 (Sunday):  We didn't sleep late at the beach - I was mostly up before 7am every day hearing little feet pattering above my head on the main level.  My mom, Jay and I took the kids to the beach and it was great until it rained!  Poured!  But it passed and we ended up spending the rest of the day on the beach.  The kids are all three in love with the ocean and Caroline and Bryce have no fear.  They had a great time riding the waves with Mark's help.  Chrissa arrived later in the evening just in time for dinner.  Here's Caroline riding with Zoe and Taki:

Bryce rode a few later on:

Day 3 (Monday): My dad, Jim and Jason played golf that morning while the rest of us went to the beach.  It was another perfect beach day.  Piper was a bit tired though and my mom took her back to the house for lunch and a nap.  They returned later only to have Piper go back with me because she wanted to swim in the pool.  Here she is chilling with my dad in the hot tub:

We had a major wine and dance party at the house on Monday night.  Lots of dancing, laughing and fun.  Good memories!

Day 4 (Tuesday):  It was sunny when we woke up but soon after it got cloudy.  I had gotten all sunscreened up and then it rained.  I showered it up and then the sun came out after lunch.  (I willed it to come out!)  It wasn't a perfect beach day but it was still nice out on the beach for a few hours.

Day 5 (Wednesday):  Woke up to more clouds and RAIN RAIN RAIN.  Piper kept singing the "Rain Rain Go Away" song.  We quickly regrouped and Mark, Sara, Jason and I took the kids to see the latest 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' movie - it was actually pretty funny.  It was still sprinkling when we came out so we had a quick lunch at The Rundown Cafe.  We made it back to the house and it looked like the sun was about to come out so Sara and I took the kids out to play on the beach not thinking it would be very was!  So we all ended up in the water and having a nice afternoon.  My dad and Jim came out to fish when they got back from their lunch and Bryce caught his first fish!!!

That evening, Sara, Mark, Chrissa, Jason and I went out to dinner at The Brine and Bottle in Nags Head.   We were already excited about the menu but upon finding out that Guy Fieri had just been there to tape an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Jay and I were particularly interested. We stopped at the OBX Brewing Station on the way down since our reservations were so late and had some brews and snacks.  The B&B was really good!  The scallops I had were perfect along with the peach/green tomato salad I started with.  A really nice evening out without the kids.

Day 6 (Thursday):  Finally, another perfect beach day!  We didn't waste time getting out on the beach although Jason and I had dinner duty that night so we had a few things to do before we went out but the kids went out with my mom just after 9am.  The kids had a great day, Bryce caught another fish and we just enjoyed the sand and sun.

Day 7 (Friday) - Last day at the beach!  It started out ominously with a pouring rain overnight and VERY dark skies in the morning so our spirits were a little dampened.  But when we looked at radar there was nothing coming so we hoped it meant it would clear did!  By 8:30 it was sunny!  We quickly got out to the beach!  I love the way the ocean looks early in the morning:

We even managed a (squinty) family photo:

We almost got chased off the beach mid-day when another storm threatened and it got super cloudy but we watched the radar on our phones (one of the great things about smart phones at the beach) and we managed not to get any rain.  We used the cloudy time though to run in and get lunch.  After lunch it was smooth sailing until about 4:30 when a storm was looming and we weren't going to escape the rain again.

But in true OBX form, the storm cleared and gave us a full rainbow over the ocean - a double rainbow even if you look close.  (Double rainbow?  What does it mean?)   I've never seen a whole rainbow before where you can see where it starts and stops - really cool!!!  The kids were ecstatic!

Day 8 (Saturday):  Going home.  We didn't rush in the morning and left about 8:40.  Traffic was slow off and on and it took us a full 8 hours to get home.  We stopped for a bathroom break, picked up some Subway subs for later and then stopped and ate them at a rest stop which helped to break the ride up.

Here's our house - we really liked it.  The Snail Shell in Southern Shores.  Great location!

So with that our annual OBX vacation is behind us full of good memories.  I'm always sad when we return but know we'll be back again.  It's funny how much it feels like home down there to me even though we don't stay in the same house twice.  I can't express how much I love it and how much I love the fact that my kids and Jason love it too.  Many thanks to my parents for helping to coordinate it all and for being able to vacation with such wonderful people.


Katie said...

I want to go to the OBX with you guys one year! pretty please? Maybe you can do two weeks: a family week & a friends week!?! Looks like such fun!!!!!

Erika said...

We've said that many times, K. Although some years it doesn't always work out with my family/extended group. (My parents hope to go to Greece next spring so maybe no OBX for them in the summer???) I'd love to take other people down there but the only thing I tell them is you MUST leave early if you don't want to sit in traffic. If you can do that, it's worth it!

Katie said...

Everyone who goes to OBX complains about the traffic. Maybe they should build a highway from here to there to accommodate! I want to go someday. I wish that I could get a big house like that with a pool and take all of the Murray cousins so we could enjoy the beach together instead of all going separate weeks to my moms. I think the kids would have a blast, but I doubt my sibs would cough up any money to go. :(

Erika said...

It's funny you say that about a highway - there is currently legislation in NC to try and build a second bridge across the sound at a more northern point to help get people into the northern OBX faster (Corolla and Duck). It would help immensely because that is where the major slow downs are - crossing the bridge and getting onto the OBX. But, they've been trying to get it passed for years and it keeps getting blocked. Jason keeps writing to the legislators down there via the lobbying websites. Ha!