Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School

We made it!  Easily, actually.  Caroline is an official 3rd grader, Bryce is a 1st grader, and Piper is about to start Pre-K.  Caroline was up before 6:30 and before I made it downstairs, she was already dressed, packed, and READY TO GO!!  (She even made breakfast for Piper - she was clearly in a great mood.)  Bryce woke up at his normal time and I had to make him get dressed before I would feed him.  But that went off without a hitch and all three kids were ready to go well before I was so they went outside and blew bubbles for a bit.

My mom arrived around 8:15 which meant it was time for official first day of school photos!  Piper was in a posing mood, of course.

Caroline calls this dress her "Miss America" dress because it's red, white and blue.  And why she had to pose with that silly penguin again I'm not sure but I think it's because she posed with it last year too.  I had to laugh though because on Sunday night I went into her room and she had the same outfit she wore last year on the first day laying out.  I convinced her to change it to something different, you know, because mom wants different outfits in each photo.  (Yes, I know, I have OCD tendencies.)  And I also just realized, gasp, that I didn't blog Caroline's first day of school last year.  Probably because we had just gotten power back after Hurricane Irene after being without for four days.  At least I took photos.  Sigh.

She also went to great lengths to braid her own hair.  I must say, learning how to braid this summer was a big deal since now she can put her own hair into little braids at night for the crimpy look she loves so much.  She was just SOOOO excited about starting school and being one of the big kids.  To her, third grade means that you're one of the older kids and she wastes no time telling you that.

Mr. Nonchalant gave little thought to his first day attire although I know how much he loves his super hero t-shirts so I'm sure that factored into his choice.  Although now, looking at last year's photos, I realize he wore the SAME shirt.  Gah.  (Bryce's first day was different than Caroline's because of kindergarten staggered entry.)

I don't think his hair could be any more blond.  Such a handsome dude....counting the hours until his birthday.

And then there's Miss Piper.  Her first day won't be until Monday, September 10 but she is ready to go and wanted her photo taken too.  I told her I'd want to take it again on her official first day and she said that would be okay.  She was going to spend the day with my mom and so it was important that her baby, Flora, come along and be in the pictures.

And this is what you get when it's time for a pose:

Caroline and Bryce had a great first day of school although it sounds like Bryce's class may have been a little unruly.  Caroline couldn't say enough good things about her teacher and all the interesting things they did in class - I love how much she loves school.  The rest of the day went okay for Bryce but he had soccer practice in the evening and by bedtime he was COOKED.  Exhausted!  He had a major meltdown when it came to putting three items in a bag to tell the class about himself and he would not calm down for bed.  Thankfully, he was himself again this morning and know he just needs to get back into the routine.

Here's hoping this is the start of another great school year!

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