Monday, August 20, 2012

Bryce's Birthday

Bryce turns 7, gulp, NEXT WEEK.  How can that have been 7 years ago?  How can my precious, kissable boy be almost 7???  I don't want him to turn into a stinky, sweaty boy.  When will that happen?  Can I get a warning please?  He's still got the most kissable cheeks and lets me hug him (in private) as much as I want.

Anyway, his birthday is sneaking up on me in multiple ways.  I have no idea what to get him or how to celebrate it.  This will be his first birthday where he has to go to school and thankfully it's the third day of school this year instead of the first (like it would have been last year had it not been for the staggered kindergarten start and Hurricane Irene aftermath).

In the past, we've done fun things for him to celebrate the day:  Ironbirds game, National Aquarium, Urban Pirates but this year I've got nothing.  Clearly we won't be doing an actual celebration on the day with it being a Wednesday but I'm thinking maybe I should throw something together for him this weekend.  I know that on 9/1 we'll be celebrating my sister's 8/31 birthday at my mom's house and could easily roll some birthday fun into that day too with my side of the family but I want to include Jason's side too.

I asked Bryce what he wanted for his birthday and the only thing he can come up with (by request from his grandmothers, aunts and uncles) is the Wii Harry Potter game (years 5-7).  That's it.  My mom took him shopping on Saturday morning and bought him some new fall clothes and new tennis shoes so she's set but my MIL and the aunts were asking me this weekend.  What do kids who have everything need?  (And I can't come up with any "gifts w/o wrapping" ideas either.)

We've been to so many different kid places in the area recently.  He did say he wanted to go out to Bertucci's so that's an option.  (Why my kids love that place so much, I do not understand.)  I just wanted to do something a little more exciting for him.  Caroline always has lots of ideas so at least I don't have to worry about her come December.


Katie said...

Laser Tag, Monster Mini Golf, Medieval Times, Bowling/Arcade, Batting cages/Sports Park/Go Karts???

I like the non-gift options b/c it is tough when they are at this age and they aren't into "toys" anymore.

Erika said...

Oooo, mini-golf is a good idea b/c he wanted to play at the beach and never got around to it. Now, where are there mini-golf places around here? Off to find.

Katie said...

I know there is a monster mini-golf somewhere nearby b/c we once one tickets & we never used. Maybe it is glow-in the dark or something, too???

Erika said...

I found one up in Churchville that looks promising and there's a Bertucci's in Bel Air, so that might be what we're doing this weekend for him. He was all excited but said he wanted to go w/o his sisters. Not sure if we can swing that.