Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wedding Recap

Jason's brother, Jeremy, and his fiance (now wife), Julie, got married on Thursday, July 12 at the Island View Waterfront Cafe.  Thankfully they missed the extreme heat of the past few weeks and had a normal summery evening for their ceremony.  They wanted something small and intimate with just immediate family members and close friends.  It was a really fun night.  Both Jer and Julie are pretty laid back, non-formal people so this totally fit them.  They had a red, white and blue theme with it being July although not necessarily a "stars and stripes" patriotic theme. You can imagine my excitement upon finding the girls matching RWB dresses at Crazy 8 and a RWB shirt for Bryce.  Just perfect.  

Before the ceremony:

Caroline and Piper were honorary flower girls - no duties, just hold some flowers.  They were happy!

Hanging with Aunt Kelly at the bar!

My boys

Time for the ceremony

The biggest surprise of the evening was that Julie had a hawk be the ring bearer.  When it came time for the rings, her brother stood up, put on a glove and this huge bird flew in out of nowhere.  The rings were on a pouch on its foot.  Apparently she had won the service at a bridal show in the fall and had kept it a secret from almost everyone.  My kids were COMPLETELY blown away by it - it was so cool!

Uncle Jer  & Aunt Julie pose with nieces and nephew
 At the dinner reception following, Piper made friends with Julie's nephew, Connor, who is 10 months old.  Such a sweet little boy - they couldn't stop hugging on each other the whole evening.

Julie really put a lot of thought into the evening and it was so well themed. And then on Saturday, they had a big reception/party for all of their friends and family - and Julie did NOT disappoint on her attention to detail even though it was a bigger event.  Check out the candy bar!  My kids ate, well, I can't really put this lightly....a LOT LOT LOT of candy.

They had a DJ, pit beef, karaoke (my mom sang several songs!), and even corn hole outside.

The girls hang with their little buddy Connor.

Tell me that guy standing next to Jer doesn't look like Pitbull? (Not Jason for once!)
 And finally, the happy couple!  It was a really nice couple of days and I'm glad we were a part.  The ceremony and reception felt just like them - laid back and relaxed - which is nice since weddings can sometimes be so formal and complicated at times.

Congratulations to Jeremy and Julie!

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