Friday, July 20, 2012

Waiting for the ABX Kick

I stayed home from work today and finally broke down and called the doctor.  My pink eye is mostly better but I was not feeling great.  I thought when I first woke up that I was on the mend but after being up for an hour and feeling incredibly run down, I called.  He didn't even want to see me again - he just called me in a prescription and wants me to call him on Monday for an update.  He's pretty sure that I have some secondary infection now as a result of the virus.  Based on how I feel, I tend to agree.  My throat is still pretty irritated and I just feel off.  Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be feeling better.

It ended up being an okay day.  My MIL still came down in case I did need to go to the doctor's - I appreciate that so much!  Since I had to run out to get my prescription, I went ahead and took Bryce to finally get his haircut.  He said he was okay with SportClips and he did just fine.  And then we ran to get my prescription and I needed to get mostly new makeup because I don't want to reinfect myself with pinkeye!  Thank goodness I don't wear a lot of makeup nor do I wear department store name brands - just the few things I bought was a few more bucks than I wanted to spend.  I can't imagine how I'd feel if I was throwing out a couple hundred bucks of cosmetics!

Once I got home, we got the kids lunch and then Sandy went ahead home.  Caroline and Bryce hunkered down for a marathon Wii session which involved creating oodles of new Mii characters while Piper and I randomly took a snuggle nap together on the couch.  Totally unplanned but absolutely needed - thank you, Piper!!

After I got up, I actually had the energy to cook so I whipped up some turkey meatballs and everyone happily ate.  :)

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