Friday, July 06, 2012

Strep It Is

Ended up going to Minute Clinic because our doctor's office was closed today (figures) but I think it worked out better anyway.  It's really close, there was no line, and they do a rapid strep test there.  Both girls tested positive well before the timer was up.  I was kind of glad, to be honest.  Instant antibiotics, which is good because Piper was crashing.  Caroline seems okay but she's under the influence of ibuprofen.  Piper hadn't been able to keep any meds down so she had a fever and was miserable.  I stopped at Sonic on our way home and picked up slushies for everyone.  Piper wouldn't touch her's but I did manage to get a dose of liquid ibuprofen into her and then she fell asleep so I'm hopeful she'll be perking up soon and then I can give her the first dose of antibiotics.

Of course now I'm just waiting for Bryce and I to get it.  Having strep a year ago is kind of freaking me out because I was so sick.  At least if I do start with a sore throat or Bryce gets a fever we'll be high tailing it to Minute Clinic.  Thank goodness for that place - much less invasive than Patient First for simple things like strep and ear infections.


Katie said...

Strep in the summer? Boooooo! But, easiest & fastest to cure.

Heather said...


Laura said...

Sorry to hear that strep has invaded. Where do you think they picked it up? I hope the rest of you can avoid it!