Monday, July 30, 2012

Piper Funnies

Just a couple of funny things Piper did the other night.

We took the kids to the Ironbirds game with Jason's family on Saturday evening (Jason's dad's father's day gift from us).  Jason's brother, Jeremy, brought his wife and her parents along too and they sat right behind us.  Soon after sitting down, Piper looks back at them (Julie's parents) and says, "Hey!  Those people were at my birthday party!"

It took me a second but then I realized what she was referring to - Julie and Jeremy's wedding reception that was on her birthday.  I guess she thought that big party was for her!  Her whole family was there, several people brought her presents and lots of people made sure to wish her happy birthday.  She also had the whole group (everyone inside at the time) sing happy birthday to her and she got to eat candy and cupcakes.  So I guess it did feel like her birthday party, never mind the fact that she probably didn't know a majority of the people there.  Nothing like throwing your child a BIG birthday party without even trying!  Come to think of it, she was especially giggly and happy that day especially when someone wished her happy birthday.  I told Julie and her parents what she said and they were just all smiles - I know that Julie felt a little bad about having their reception on her birthday (even though I said not to worry about it) and she wanted to make sure Piper didn't feel slighted.  Clearly, she didn't!!!

And then later in the game, Ferrous, the Ironbirds mascot, was up on the dugout dancing around.  She giggled and said, "Hey look, he's shaking his booty!"  Then she looked again laughed and quietly said to me, "He's shaking his private part!!"  I laughed so hard.  "Um, no Piper, that's his tail NOT his penis."  Not quite sure where that came from - the bird's tail did not look like male genitalia.  She had a good giggle out of that.

Needless to say, she kept us entertained the whole evening.  Julie's dad kept referring to her as the star of the show and considering that every time they played music she started bopping and dancing, I guess he wasn't far off.

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