Sunday, July 22, 2012

Over It

I am finally over it!  Finally!!!!  I woke up this morning feeling markedly better!  It made me realize how rotten I've felt for over a week.  I still wasn't 100% yesterday and was starting to wonder if Jason and I should have cancelled our belated anniversary dinner plans but I'm glad we didn't.

We made a Costco run in the morning and then came home while the kids played fairly well together.  They're on a Wii Fit kick all of a sudden and have decided they want to be "fit."  They all go up early yesterday and said they were going to work out.  They all three got dressed (in jean shorts?) and ate breakfast and I found them in the family room each with a set of hand weights.  They didn't know exactly what to do with them and I had to tell them to stop when they were balancing them on their shoulders.  (I could see them being dropped on someone's toes!)  I tried turning on a OnDemand workout video with arm exercises but Caroline quickly determined that was "stupid" so they left and played trains.  Piper kept saying she was going to run up and down the street but it didn't stop raining until much later so it never happened.  After a short nap (for me - I was still run down), playing Lemonade Stand (for the kids) and a little fighting (all three kids), we got ourselves together to leave.  My parents were going to watch the kids so we could go out.

My eyes still didn't look great - not puffy or as red but it basically looked liked I'd been crying all day (which I hadn't).  Right before we left, I put in a drop of Visine in each eye and hoped for the best.  You're not supposed to do that with pinkeye but I figured since I'm pretty much over it, one drop wouldn't hurt.  It didn't and I finally didn't feel self conscious about my eyes.

Jay and I had dinner at The Chameleon down on Harford Rd. in the city.  It's a "farm to table" restaurant that we'd been wanting to try for a long time and I'm glad we finally did.  It had a 4 star review in the Sun last year and we no know why.  It's really quaint and the menu isn't expansive but it's all reallllly good.  We had 6:45 reservations and the place was fairly empty but it was hopping when we left at 8:30.  (I really hate to eat a late dinner so we eat at the old folks time - I don't know how people eat 8pm or later, my stomach can't handle it.)  It had been planned that the kids would eat dinner with my parents and then they would bring them home but the kids voted to stay the night so my mom swung by with Piper to pick up their overnight bags.  So it turned into a very quiet evening and we started catching up on Boardwalk Empire on HBO since we never got to watch any of season 2 and want to resume watching when season 3 starts in the fall.

Now what to do today?  It's going to be warm but not terribly hot once the clouds burn off.

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