Thursday, July 05, 2012

More Fever...

and sadly, the prescription is NOT more cowbell.

Piper's going down the tubes now too.  Complaining off and on about her throat.  Saying her body hurts and just being really tired.  Then, after a lot of crying and fussing, she threw up.

I'm taking off tomorrow and having them seen.  I'm not going into the weekend with 2 sick kids.  Caroline is relatively fine while medicated but has said her throat hurts a little bit.

So maybe strep?  If that's the case, I just wait for Bryce to get it and well, maybe me.  I had it last spring after not having it for 20 years so maybe that means I'm susceptible again.   Just in time for a high temperature of 104 on Saturday.  Maybe someone in my house will have a body temp of 104.  I hope not.

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