Friday, July 06, 2012

Hot "Fun" in the Summertime

Piper was up just after 6am this morning and the poor kid was so hot.  Burning up.  Thankfully she was in better spirits than last night and was willing to take some liquid ibuprofen. She sucked down a little cup of water too but when we got up to come downstairs it all came back up.  Sigh.  She's sipping on some Gatorade now and is actually kind of perky so we'll see.  Feeling bad I can't do anything to alleviate her fever.

Jason said Caroline got up at 5am saying she was thirsty (never happens) and he gave her some Gatorade but he didn't think to feel her head to see if she was warm.  (!?!?!)  So I'm just waiting for her to get up and we can assess about going to the doctor's today.

Not that I want to take sick kids out in 100 degree heat.  Guess I got what I asked for about not having to work today.  Yeah, "work."  Me thinks I'll be busier today than I was yesterday at work.

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