Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goopy Eye

And our luck continues!  My eyes kind of felt dry all day yesterday and then when I woke up this morning my left eye was all crusty and my right eye was slightly crusty.  I got out of bed expecting to see a big old pink eye but nothing.  Normal coloring but a little swollen and droopy.  Gross.  I look weird.  Just perfect for family photos tonight at my BIL's wedding ceremony.  It will complement my new dress perfectly.   BAH!!!

Trying to decide what to do.  I put a call into my doctor.  It's just weird to me that it's not pink.  I read online too that viral pink eye (which Jason has had twice) generally only affects one eye while bacterial is more common in both eyes.  What to do, what to do?  Regardless, I highly doubt no matter what I do that my eye is going to look better this evening.  Now I know how poor Jason felt at high school graduation with a raging case of pink eye.  A momentous photo op looking like someone had just punched you in the eye.

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