Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fort Revisited

This past Sunday I decided to take the kids to Fort McHenry for the afternoon.  They had spent the night at my mom's the night before, it wasn't a great day for swimming, and Jason wanted to brew beer so I wanted to do something with them.  For some reason, Fort McHenry popped into my head.  Five years ago, we met Katie and family down there for a picnic but we hadn't gone into the actual fort.  After the success of our Mt. Vernon trip and realizing that the kids are interested in history lessons (yay!), I thought this would be a good idea.  It was!

Bryce with the Key Bridge in the background...a little hazy that day.
They enjoyed seeing the old building and hearing the battle of 1812 story when the Star Spangled Banner was written.  The did a little complaining (as usual) but for the most part they were really good.  The girls thought pretending to be in jail was funny but Bryce wanted NOTHING to do with it.

I tried to get them to pose with the guys dressed up in period costume but they weren't interested (they think I'm so lame).

They enjoyed walking the "trails" around the top of the fort and seeing where they went.

After we finished, I went back to the car to get our lunch and we had a picnic by the water.

And even though the last time we were down here (sans Piper), Bryce was less than 2 years old, he did remember looking at the photos because he swore we were sitting in the same spot.  (I don't think we were.)  All of a sudden he got up and went and stood by a tree and asked me to take his photo.  He was trying to recreate the photo I have of him hanging over my bed that I'd taken in the same spot 5 years earlier.  Here's a side by side:

Clearly the outfit isn't close and he doesn't have the stick quite right or where he's looking but it's still pretty cute.  He let me woof up his hair to match though.  Such a funny kid.  He's not always wanting me to take his photo so it was pretty cute when he asked me to take this.  

All in all a good afternoon.  Going to have to see about some more historical spots to check out this summer.

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