Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fever on the 4th

On Tuesday evening, Caroline started acting weird.  We had pancakes for dinner (quick dinner before the dentist) and she didn't want to eat them.  Um yeah, weird. She also barely spoke a word to me to and from the dentist.  Also weird because she loves the chance to be with me without her siblings.  I chalked it up to her being in a mood about some other things.  Then yesterday morning she woke up and didn't want to eat breakfast, her favorite meal of the day.  My mom alarm went off!  She felt a little warm but not overly so but she said she felt weird - kind of dizzy and just not right.  I gave her ibuprofen and made her eat some breakfast since I wondered if she might be dehydrated which Caroline is apt to be since she barely drinks enough to keep a cat hydrated on a normal day.  Within the hour she started feeling better and I didn't think much more about it.

Then we went to my mom's to spend the day with family and friends.  She got right into the pool and everything was fine but around 2pm when Zoe and Taki arrived (who she LOVES), she started acting funny again.  She didn't want to get back into the pool and just was kind of sitting around.  I let her have a Coke and she perked up a little bit but before I knew it, Zoe came out to tell us that Caroline was laying down.  Caroline laying down?  That child is never tired (or at least claims to be).  I went right in and found her laying in one of my mom's guest rooms covered up.  Yep, fever.  I gave her ibuprofen and some Gatorade and she was asleep before I knew it.  I kind of expected her to sleep it off but when she woke up an hour or so later, she was still warm and said her body ached.  It had been almost 2 hours since I had given her the meds so I gave her Tylenol hoping it would help.  I guess it did because within a half hour she was outside and back in the pool.  My mom even coaxed her into eating some real food and she kept on swimming and was able to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Thanks to the 4th being on a Wednesday (whose idea was THAT?), Jay and I had to work today so we didn't stay very late.  After a short ground based fireworks show put on by my dad, we headed home shortly after 8pm.  Booo for an early 4th of July evening.  (Normally, I would have taken off Thursday/Friday but because I'm off next week on Thursday/Friday for my BIL's wedding, I didn't think I should take off this week.)  I gave Caroline another preventative dose of ibuprofen and followed it with more Tylenol two hours later.

She slept fine all night but was already up this morning when I got out of the shower and I figured it was probably because she had a fever again and wasn't feeling good.  I was right and found her downstairs huddled up on a chair with her nightgown down over her legs.  She was very warm and I quickly got some ibuprofen into her.  Piper woke up a short time later saying that her "body hurt" but didn't have a temp.  I gave her some meds and we'll see if she develops a fever or not later.

I'm not completely surprised by this random fever though. Caroline's BFF, Sophia, had a fever for several days last week too (C spent the night with her the day before she got sick) and I figured that making it this long without any symptoms meant we were in the clear, but I guess not.  Sophia's ended up turning into a double ear infection and then an early case strep - the doctor said it was just starting, so who knows where we'll end up.  Maybe I will end up being off tomorrow but not for any good reason.

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Katie said...

Andrew B. was sick all last week with a fever too. I wonder if there is a summer virus going around town. I hope not.