Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blond 'fro Bryce

Ugh.  I'm just so spent today.  Stayed home because my BIL's wedding is this evening and didn't want to rush and wanted to give my IL's the day off.  Of course, I think I'm fighting something off.  I've had a headache for days, my eye is a mess, and I just feel completely run down.  Thankfully, Caroline spent the night at my MIL's and will come down with them this afternoon.  I thought it would be a nice morning and I could go and run some errands with the younger two.  Clearly, I thought wrong.

Initially, I was going to go to the grocery store and forgo Peapod.  Thank goodness I thought better of that last night and put my order in.  So that meant all I had to do was send a package and get Bryce's haircut.  We had appointments on Tuesday evening but because he was so sick, I couldn't take him and our hair lady isn't cutting hair again for a week or so because she's going on vacation.  I figured I could just take him down to SportsClips where my dad goes and he'd be fine.  He NEVER gives Ms. Pam any problems.  None.  And let me tell you, the kid needs a major haircut.  It's a blond 'fro.  I had hoped to get him sheared by this evening since we'll be taking photos.

When I pulled up to the shop, he started protesting.  I figured he'd be okay with it because that's where my dad goes.  Nope.  He protested as I walked in, as I signed him up and when the lady called his name.  She was very nice and asked him to come back so they could talk.  No go.  I looked at her and wanted to spare her the agony of a song and dance so I just thanked her and we left with me secretly hoping that would be the motivation for him to change his mind.  Nope.  Bad attitude.  I got in the car and let him have it.  I told him I was tired of his bad attitude and negativity and that he was spending a long time in his room when we got home.  Of course all it did was make him try and blame EVERYTHING on Piper.  She's the reason he's sick which is why he couldn't get his hair cut and why he had to go to the new place today.  I'm so sick of it. His negativity is overwhelming sometimes.

He's upstairs by himself now and I'm glad because I'm beyond frustrated with him.  I told him his next hair appointment isn't until the end of August and he can grow it long for all I care.  He can talk to his father about his hair if he wants it cut.  I just don't have the energy and I really don't care how his hair looks.

I realize that he's not completely himself yet (had a fever last night in the middle of he night) and this is partially coloring how he's acting but he's not terribly different from his usual funks so I'm not convinced this is all part of his illness.  These are the days when I realize how difficult he is and such a typical middle child.  Sigh.

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