Sunday, July 08, 2012

Antibiotic Fail?

Piper woke up at 5:22am yesterday and 6am this morning with raging fevers.  I had to keep her on meds all day yesterday to keep it down.  Are these antibiotics going to kick in???  Caroline hasn't had a fever since Friday night and is getting back to herself.  Piper is fine as long as her fever is under control.  Clearly if it's no better tomorrow we'll be headed back to the doctor.

This is VERY frustrating because when Piper has a fever, what is the last thing she wants to do?  Take medicine. Mind you, this is the child who thinks up aches and pains when she's well to get some chewable ibuprofen.  I'm running out of liquid ibuprofen and will need to get some more because she is refusing the chewables.  Oh and I think I know her pattern too, if she has a fever and an empty stomach she'll throw up.  She's done that three times now.  This morning she's yet to take any medicine - she's refusing.  She drank some Gatorade and a handful of blueberries and has kept those down but hasn't taken any meds yet.  Seriously, this is making me crazy.

ETA:  7pm - she has a 102.2 fever and this is within 2 hours of her having ibuprofen.  Gave her the Tylenol switch off.  If she wakes up with another fever tomorrow, we'll be seeing the doctor.  It's not helping that she's not drinking very much and barely eating either.  We're really pushing her now.  I just want my baby to get better!!!

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