Sunday, July 15, 2012

12th Anniversary

We do anniversaries up right here in our house!  I started a fever with body aches, a sore throat and terrible headache on Saturday evening.  Didn't feel much better this morning but at least my pinkeye is starting to responded to the eye drops.  Needless to say, I wasn't feeling up to much of anything and Jason isn't feeling 100% either.

The good news is that all three kids are finally healthy.  Bryce hasn't had a fever since Saturday afternoon.  I talked to the doctor this morning and he's convinced we have some nasty virus in our house.  Even though the girls both tested positive for strep, it still took Piper 4 days to respond to the antibiotics and Bryce 5 days.  So if they did have strep, it was secondary to a virus.  My throat, while fairly irritated doesn't feel like strep at the moment.  (It could change.)  I just keep taking ibuprofen or Tylenol as soon as I start feeling feverish and achy again.  Dr. Q. said to call him in a day or two if I was worse or no better.  We'll see.

We ended up going to my mom's because the kids hadn't been able to swim in ages due to them all being sick plus my grandmother was down.  The kids swam all afternoon and I got to take a nap.  A real, bona fide nap!  No one woke me up and I slept for over an hour.  I really needed it but started feeling rotten again once my meds were wearing off.

I'm planning on going to work tomorrow.  I was off on Thursday/Friday as planned but probably wouldn't have gone to work with my nasty, contagious pinkeye so it was a great two days off and I really need to get to work and catch up.  I had a 10am meeting that I was supposed to be leading but I've just rescheduled that because I do NOT feel up to it.  I'm figuring I'll wake up, take some meds, get to work and do what I need to do before I start feeling feverish again.  I've got a good 10 or so grad students and faculty waiting to hear back from me on various different things....can't keep them waiting.

Thankfully, the kids are spending the night at my mom's so that's one less struggle for me.  Jason is feeling run down with an irritated throat but no fever yet.  Who wants to bet his starts up as soon as I get better?

At least we're getting this out of our system before the beach, right?  Happy Anniversary to us.  We know how to paint the town!

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Katie said...

Happy Anni!