Friday, June 29, 2012

Too Hot to Blog

OMG, it is hot.  HOT.  It's going to be like 105 here today or something crazy like that.  So glad we did our Mt. Vernon trip last week.  It was warm but nothing like today.

It's been a good week though.  Thankfully Monday through Wednesday were decent days and it only started really warming up yesterday.  The kids spent Monday at my mom's and then spent Wednesday into Thursday at my IL's.  They just love going up there because of all there is to explore.  My FIL always takes them out to the river beach and they explore and have fun with Kodi (the dog).  I got home from work yesterday and they had just arrived home.  Boy, did they have a LOT to tell me.

I could tell how much they missed me based on how they were talking a mile a minute.  Even Caroline had lots to say and she's the one who usually keeps things to herself.  Piper had fallen asleep on the way home and was glued to my lap for the next two hours.  Bedtime was a little tough too as I think all three of them were pretty tired and no one wanted to go to sleep, especially Bryce and Piper.

They were hanging out at home today with Nana and Big Dad. Nana had some things for them to do as I'm pretty sure they won't be going outside.  I know we'll probably spend the whole weekend at my mom's pool so I didn't think they needed to go swimming today and I know Caroline's friend, Sophia, has been sick so they wouldn't be playing today either.

They broke into my craft storage in the basement the other day and I'm guessing they'll be doing that again today. I also finally got around to creating a Bored Jar that has a bunch of one line ideas of things to do and if they pick something out of it they HAVE to do it.  Although if they picked something out of it today that says to do something outdoors it might not be such a good idea.

I have a sudden hankering for a diet Cherry-Limeade from Sonic.  A big giant one.  Might have to indulge that later.

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