Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Talent Show

Friday evening was the talent show!  Finally!  Caroline and Bryce have been attending talent show practices weekly (and then bi-weekly) after school since we got back from Disney World.  They have loved every part of it and were very excited for Friday evening.  They got to spend a lot of time with other kids and teachers and it really was a bonding event for all of them.  When I would go in to pick them up in the evenings, they would be having such a good time with all the kids - singing and dancing, most often.

Bryce played 'Mary Had a Little Lamb.'  He had completely figured it out on his own and decided that this was his talent.  Far be it from me to tell him he'd never had a lesson.  (Caroline did something similar last year.)  He came out on stage, tried hard not to smile, played his piece, gave a stiff bow, and exited.   He was so cute!

Caroline was a little more bold this year and recited Shel Silverstein's poem, 'Sick.'  I helped her to pick it out when she decided to read a poem and thought it was appropriate in content and length (a lot of his poems are super short!).  She practiced it on her own but wouldn't practice for us.  The assistant principal told us to have her try to memorize it as much as possible so she wouldn't need the card so much.  I downloaded the reading of it by Shel Silverstein himself and she listened to that on her MP3 player over and over and clearly it had an impact on her because she read it with such expression.  We were very proud of her.  Not the greatest photo of her reading though since I didn't want to stand up and take the photo and block other people so you get the perspective of me on the floor shooting up at her.

The video of both performances turned out well too but I'm not going to post them on here since it has the name of the kids' school on them.

After the performance, all the kids got trophies and they were thrilled!  They had come out at the end with the rest of cast to 'Moves Like Jagger' and were totally into the spirit of the night.  Bryce has already said he didn't want to do it again next year because of how long he had to wait backstage!  Turkey.  I have a feeling he will reconsider because he won't want to be left out.

Piper really enjoyed the performances and did some dancing out in the aisles to the kids that were singing and dancing.  I see a talent show in her future in about 2 years!  Hopefully the school will continue to put it on now that the AP is going to another school - she was apparently the motivation behind it but a bunch of other teachers have always helped.  It's a really great event and you can tell how much the kids that are in the show enjoy it.

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