Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Structure

While technically yesterday was the first day of summer vacation, today is more the first "typical" day of summer vacation.  The kids spent the night on Sunday at my mom's and then spent the whole day there swimming.  Because they didn't wake up at home, "Operation Must-Do List" was delayed by a day.  But that's okay because yesterday was so hot and summery, I'm glad they spent it swimming.  I even ended up taking a half day at work to spend it with them.  (I've decided that from here on out, I will be taking the first weekday after the last day of school off of work!)

I was kind of glad to wake up this morning and see the rain so the kids would get a little break from the hot sun, but a little worried since it most likely meant a day inside.  However, I stayed up late last night putting together a checklist of "Must Do Lists" for each child for each day of the week.  They will have daily tasks that include cleaning up their room and weekly tasks that vary by child.  Caroline liked seeing something with her name on it and looking so official.  Of course, it's day one so she was totally into it and was already upstairs journaling (one of her must dos) when I left.  (She told me I can't read it though - guess it's private.)

One of Bryce's daily must-dos is to read.  Of course, Bryce says that he hates reading. But if you're around Bryce for any length of time, you'll notice that the kid is constantly trying to read everything he sees and often succeeding.  But if you ask him, he hates it.  In fact, I just called a little while ago and the girls had gone with my MIL to the library but Bryce opted to stay home with Big Dad.  Why?  "Because I just didn't want to go and I hate to read."  Ugh.  Bryce is a secret reader.  He stays up reading books when he thinks no one is looking.  I'm not worried, I think he's just trying to be oppositional.

I also went to the craft store on Sunday and loaded up my cart full of goodies.  The kids didn't even know where I was going so they have NO clue the things I bought.  I got 500 sheets of construction paper, various foam crafts, 50 tubes of glitter glue, various wood crafts, new markers, wind chime kits, and sun catcher kits. I even got some extra foam crafts in case another kid happened to be over playing.  I know it won't last all summer but at least for a few weeks until I can come up with some other fun ideas.

I also printed out the calendar of our activities and commitments for the summer too so it's easy to see where we have to be when.  Hopefully, this will help my MIL manage the days with the kids and give them some structure to their days.  I'm sure neighbor kids will be around playing too which always helps.

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Laura said...

I admire all the thought and planning you've put in to preparing for the summer. I like the daily and weekly must-do list idea. I'm going to keep that in mind for when my kids are older.