Friday, June 15, 2012

Girls & Boys Nights Out

Several months ago, Jason decided to get tickets to an Orioles game for Bryce's first game for a boys night out. Because the O's were playing the Pirates on 6/14, Jay decided on that particular game. (Bryce played on the Pirates for T-ball.)   Mark and Taki (his son, not his brother) went along too.  The boys had a ball! (pun intended)  Bryce scarfed down a hot dog and some cotton candy and then Jason bought both boys one of those big foam fingers.  How cute is this picture Jason texted to me?

Bryce loved every single second of it and Jason said that as they were walking back to the car he said, "Daddy, that was totally awesome."  Jay said he couldn't have come up with a better way to be thanked - even made him a little misty eyed.  He even told Jason it was the 3rd best thing he'd ever done only after Disney World and one other thing Jason could not remember this morning.  I'm so glad they had a great time together.

But that didn't mean that the girls and I were left out - oh no!  As the day approached I decided that I would make the night a girl's night out too.  The weather was perfect, not hot, sunny, and breezy.  I'd heard that a local restaurant on the water whose menu/service had gone downhill in recent years had finally closed and it had been reopened by different owners and that it was a lot better.   They have an indoor and deck dining area but they also have dining right on the water in the sand complete with a tiki bar.  We arrived and the girls were instantly happy and as soon as we were seated they asked if they could play in the sand.  Our server said yes and even brought the girls a bucket to play with.  Not only was it peaceful, the kids were happy!

The girls agreed to wash their hands when their food came and it was nice to sit there and listen to the live music and just relax.  It was so nice spending time with just the girls - they get along so well most of the time and were feeling particularly jovial. Piper even did a little dancing.

They played a little while longer and decided they wanted to get dessert elsewhere so we headed home and stopped at Rita's - their favorite.

While I like doing things with all three of my children, it was really nice to be out with just the girls for once.  Just a completely different dynamic and because I know Bryce was having so much fun with his father, I didn't even have my usual weird lament about not having all three kids with me.

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Heather said...

We did that a few weeks ago...Louie went to the zoo while I took Gretchen to Pinocchio the Ballet. It was nice to spend the one-on-one time together...Louie is STILL talking about how Daddy took him to the zoo and he got to ride on a chop-choo-train! : )