Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Sailibration

Jason was kind enough to go along with my desire to take the kids down to see the Tall Ships for Baltimore's  "Sailibration 200" this past weekend.  (A celebration of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 where tall ships from all over the world docked in the Baltimore Inner Harbor.)  It was Father's Day so I appreciate him going along with something that he might not have normally wanted to do.  My mom wanted to see them too and we didn't want to hassle with the crazy crowds so we made plans to go down early and then have brunch.

My parents arrived by 7:30am and we made it down to Fell's Point a little after 8am.  Easy parking and then a leisurely stroll around the promenade to the Inner Harbor.

The weather was a little gray but it never actually rained, although it was quite cool for mid-June in Baltimore.  I thought about packing jackets but figured the gray would burn off and it would get warmer.  I really wished I'd packed those jackets!  Thank goodness I packed one of our trusty baby towels I had in my bag in Disney World or Piper would have been very cold (sitting still in a stroller is a little chillier than walking).  She was a little grumpy too and preferred to cover her face with it too whenever I would try to get a picture of her in the stroller.

The ships were really cool and the kids liked seeing them.  It ended up being a nice 4 mile walk to start the day and the kids had fun running around the less crowded harbor.

By 10am though, it was starting to get a little more crowded and we decided to make our way back around to Fell's Point.  Here's Jason and the ship from Brazil:

I love that Bryce will still hold your hand in public. (The girls do too but Bryce is kind of anti-PDA if we're at school.)

We met my sister somewhere along the way back and then wiled away some time before our 11am brunch reservations where Kevin and Kelly joined us too.  We ate at Bond Street Social and while I really liked the atmosphere and the first few food items that arrived, it wasn't as good as it had the potential to be. The girls' monkey bread was delicious as was the arugula salad my mom, sister and I had but some of the other dishes lacked the flavor you'd expect in typical brunch fare.  I will say though that the mimosas were delicious as were the Bloody Mary's (my dad said) and the coffee.  And even though all the food wasn't stellar, it was a great location, the seating/service was good, and we were all together on Father's Day.


Erin said...

Bond Street Social is in Tom's office building!!! :) :) He never gets to eat there though because they aren't open for lunch during the week. LOL!

Erika said...

That's an awesome location! Does he have a view?